Book Review: 5 Minutes With Jesus: Quiet Time For Your Soul




The other day someone asked me if I read my Bible every day.  I had to answer that no, I don’t, but that I should.  The same person then asked me why I didn’t read the Bible every day.  I had to explain that many days I am just too busy to.  Each day I do about 6 loads of dishes, 2 loads of laundry, bathe many little bodies, feed and clean up after many little mouths, and home-school many little brains.  Every day I wake up running from moment to moment, in a race to keep up.  Many days I fall very short from getting done what I need to.

That little person who asked me if I read my Bible suggested that I put that on my checklist so that I won’t forget.  Oh how wise beyond her years she is.

When I received the book, “5 Minutes with Jesus” in the mail, I only had time to read the introduction at first.  Boy, the introduction described exactly my life of running from thing to thin and living busy days.  It then went on to say that the book was written so that the reader  can sit and escape – relax in God’s word for a bit each day.

This book is full of short devotionals and then some scripture reading at the end.  It is the perfect devotional book for a busy parent – it doesn’t matter if it is the mother or the father reading.  However, it seems that most of the devotionals relate to the mother more.

The book is a small book with a substantial hardcover.  It is a great size to fit in a purse, diaper bag, or backpack when on the go.  It is a great “take everywhere” book.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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