Book Review: Precious Moments Precious Prayers Bible


The NKJV Precious Moments Precious Prayers Bible is an absolutely adorable Bible.  This Bible is a full version Bible, but it also includes several full page colored prayers placed throughout the book.  Each of these prayer pages are illustrated in soft pastel colors and included the Precious Moments figures as well as short, simple prayers that can apply to every-day life.

This Bible is rated for 3 year old a and up, but I honestly think 3 years old is too young for this kind of a Bible.  I feel like age 5 and up would be better suited.  3-year-olds have a tendency to rip such delicate pages.  The parent can read the fine Bible stories to the youngsters and the peoms are simple enough that those just learning to read (first graders) would be able to catch on and read them with practice.

The cover and structure of this Bible is of top-notch quality.  Hearty and thick the cover is.  The binding in the spine of the Bible is also very durable.

I received this book from in exchange for a review.

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