Book Review: NIV Investigator’s Holy Bible

IMG_3963.JPGI feel that one of the top things that can deter a young reader from wanting to read the Holy Bible is simply not being able to understand it.  I am very impressed with the NIV Investigator’s Holy Bible for solving this problem.  This Bible contains many simple side notes for youngesters to be able to understand more of what they are reading.  Actually,  although it is geared towards ages 6-10, I feel excited to even look through it due to the simple side notes that explain so much so well!

Features of this Bible include simple multiple choice questions to help a child to see if he or she understood what was read, and my favorite- scenarios related to children to help them to understand life a bit better.

This hardcover Bible is pretty thick.  I think is about 2 inches thick, which is just as thick as my adult study Bible.  It contains many colorful pages and is very eye-catching for children.  Because it is so thick I feel that it is the kind of Bible that would be best zipped in a Bible cover carrier to be able to withstand the age group of the audience it is intended for.

It received a copy of this book in advance from its publisher.  The publisher sent me this copy in exchange for an honest review.

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