Book: Legend of the Sand Dollar – Newly Illustrated Version


We had just finished up our Science lesson about coastlines and tides when UPS delivered the book,”Legend of the Sand Dollar, Newly Illustrated Version” by Chris Auer to our door.  My initial plan was to store this inspirational Easter story away until Easter, but the perfect timing of it relating to our Science lesson encouraged me to read it to the class sooner.

Not only did the book reiterate the ocean tides we just learned about, the coastlines, and a couple of the animals we just talked about, but it gave a creative way to explain and tie in the Easter story to the sand dollar.  The book related the shape, texture, and holes of the sand dollar to Jesus dying on the cross. I loved how it just flowed with our lesson and tied everything together  in just a beautiful and vivid story.

This is a children’s book with gorgeous illustrations in it.  The layout of the pages is unique in that the illustrations spread across the whole book spread, with the story lines written on the side columns of the pages.  I have not seen many books formatted quite like this and I really enjoyed how it was done.  I felt that how the illustrations were placed attracts young minds more.

The Legend of the Sand Dollar is a great story book to be held onto for many generations.

This book was received by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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