Women’s March Response


My response to the women’s march:

Many of my friends have participated in the Woman’s March held on Sunday. I want to start by saying I am proud of your for standing for something you believe in- but, I don’t agree with the beliefs. That doesnt make me love you as a friend or respect you as a person any less. Everyone has their own beliefs- and here are mine:

I am a woman in the United States of America who does not feel discriminated against. I have held a job working as a laborer for the Dept of Public Works (a typically male job) and was respected 100% by my boss and coworkers. I know many other women who work in careers that were once typical male positions. I see many women who are qualified work these roles.

I have been sexually harrassed by males in the past, yes, and harassed by bystanding males while working my DPW job- but just because a handful of males choose to act this way does not mean that all women are treated poorly.

If there is any kind of stand to take or march to perform, I think it is that to stop bullying/hatred/sin. A march to promote love and kindness to one another. We need to take the time to teach our children the proper way to treat one another.

I do have a problem with the march being titled “Women’s” March because not all women feel the same as those who were marching. I know I don’t.

Many write they march for their daughters – so they wont have to put up with etc. I have a daughter. I choose to raise her with the ability to stand up to others because in this fallen world BOTH male and female degrade eachother. I choose to raise her as an encourager and a light.

Both my daughters and my sons I choose to raise teaching them to be loving towards others as well as themselves. I choose to raise them so that they know their worth in God, as well as how God views others.

I could have cut off all 3 of my children in the womb- I mean, I was sick enough during my pregnancy with them as well as afterwards with many of my organs rupturing. Thats a good enough excuse to kill them, right? I chose not to- and I am a woman. If killing our children outside of the womb in wrong, so is killinf our children inside the womb.

I am a woman- who does not feel discriminated, does not feel degraded, does not feel abortion is right, and believes ALL (men and women) need to be more respectful and kind.





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