Win a Free Copy of the Book: Whatever is Lovely


The book, Whatever is Lovely, is a 90-Day Devotional Journal by Allia Zobel Nolan.  This book is focused on the teenage girl as an audience.  The cover is pretty, it contains a pretty purple book ribbon, and the inside printing is even done in purple.  The only way I would think the appearance of this book could improve is if the pages had silver edges to add to its rich look.

Topics such as drugs, alcohol, love, self image, and dress are covered in  straight forward devotionals.  Each devotional contains a short story, a related bible verse, “food for thought” which is a question for the reader to reflect upon, “second thoughts” which suggests more to read in the topic, “divine thoughts” which is a prayer, and “your thoughts” where the reader can journal.

Words such as duh, phrases such as BFF, and rub elbows help to relate to the teenage lingo. There isn’t a ton of space to journal, but there is enough to reflect upon each devotional.

Would you like to win this book?  We received the book through in exchange for an honest opinion.  We would like to bless someone with the copy!  Enter our January easy writing contest to try to win the copy 🙂


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