WIN A FREE BOOK! January 2017 Lights UP North Writing Contest

Lights UP North is providing visual aids for scripture memorization each Monday.  Would you like to win a free book?  For each month of visual aids, there will be a writing contest!

The winner of January’s Contest will get to pick from one of the following books as a prize:

1) Whatever is Lovely – a 90 Day Devotional Journal by Allia Nolan


2) Every-Day Miracles by Erin Moore


3) Jesus Today by Sarah Young, Teen Version


4) Strengths Based Marriage by Jimmy Evans


How do you enter the contest you ask?

You must write an inspirational piece of more than 200 words that includes one or more of the scripture for the month.  Your piece may include a photo or drawing with it if you would like.  There is no age limit on this contest.

Deadline:  The last day of each month at midnight.

Please email all entries to  Please sign your piece how you would like your name on it if published as the winning entry (initials, or full name?)

There is no limit on the number of pieces entered.

The winning piece will be published at and the winner will be contacted to pick which prize he or she would like.

Runner-up entries may still get published on and the authors may get granted a complementary prize if so.

Here is the January scripture to choose from :



Week 1



Week 2

Week 3


Week 4


Week 5

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