Same Kind of Different As Me – For Kids


I love me message that the book, Same Kind of Different As Me displays.  This is the children’s version of a story of slavery to freedom.  The story helps to depict history in a way that children can understand- but it also then ties in an important lesson of helping someone and not judging them for how they look or act.

The book follows the life of a boy named Denver who was born on a plantation as a slave.  Denver, when grown, hitches a ride on a train to a city.  While in the city, he is homeless.  He eats out of garbage cans and lives out of a cardboard box.  99% of people pass by him and don’t even care.  Then, one woman decides to explain to Denver that God loves him.  She teaches him how to read and write.  She helps him to understand his true worth.  He then turns his life around.

I love how the book depicts the message that we need to love even the homeless.  We need to minister to the lost and to the needy.

The illustrations in this book appear to have been drawn by children, which gives it a unique touch.  It is a book that I would say is geared more towards the age group of 5-8.  I feel the children who are listening need to be able to sit still for 10 minutes and have a longer attention span.  The children who I read this story to absolutely loved it!

I received this book through in exchange for my honest opinion.

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