The Mystery Gift


The couple glanced at each other, could it be true?

In this card, this generous gift?

Every Christmas the same, the struggle- they hoped the children wouldn’t notice-

Would they notice?

They were growing older now, they would know-

When everyone got them a gift, except their parents.

Well, their parents would get them a gift- but very small to get by.

This year, though, was the hardest of them all.  Medical trips took the largest toll.  A new wage covered barely half routine bills.

This year, though- the kids would know.  There was no way, of getting by. They would understand.

Or, would they?

The couple glanced at each other, could this be true? The card? The gift? The timing?

Who was it from? Who would send such a thing?

Someone must really trust the postal service.

The ink on the bills so fresh it leaked  on one side of the card.

“God Bless”…. “From Santa” it wrote.


A childlike glimmer lept inside her heart.  The girl who believed in Santa til way past due….

Dont be so naive- it wasn’t true.

The neighbors, friends, family?

Maybe simply a stranger?

God?  For God, He knew.

Did He speak to whoever sent this- to send this?  Or did He simply click His fingers and bam put the envelope in their box?

No one trusts the postal service THAT much.

They would figure it out, decipher the handwriting.

Or, could they?  They couldn’t….

This year, the greatest gift for the couple-

was to simply be able to get a gift for their children.

They glanced at each other, wondering if it was true-

To be so blessed, hearts full of gratitude.


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