Easy DIY I Spy Toy

Want to make a very cheap and easy-to-make child’s toy?  This toy can be made from various items found throughout the house.  Babies love it, as well as toddlers, and even children a bit older!

Step 1: Find a  clear plastic bottle that has a tight fitting cap- preferably a cap that can be put on very securely.


imageStep 2: Take any labeling a off of the bottle by soaking it in water for several minutes.


Step 3: Make sure the inside of the bottle is very dry.

Step 4: Find various little things to fill the bottle with.  This bottle is filled with beads, glitter, pebbles, small bits of cut paper, and small bits of cut string.


Step 5: Secure the cap on tightly.  This is the most important step as you don’t want a child choking from anything in the bottle!

Step 6: Give to child and watch as he or she examines it!


Note: Examine toy every so often to make sure the cap is still on super tightly.

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