Book Review: Jesus Today


While given the opportunity to review yet another book, I chose the book, Jesus Today, after reading that it was written by the author during a period of time in her life where she experienced many health struggles.  She wrote hoping to bring  hope to others who experience similar trials.  Naturally, after dealing with a year of intense health struggles I was curious to read this book.

While sitting down and opening the book up I noticed it was full of devotionals written as if by God- in a similar format as another one of my favorite books, Jesus Calling.  How excited I was to see both books were by the same author: Sarah Young!

This book, Jesus Today, is such a breath of fresh air.  It is chalk full of devotionals pertaining to hope.  On each page spread, the sectional is written in full page on the left hand side and on the right hand side are verses pertaining to hope.  Also, throughout the book, Young includes various quotes about hope, placed in just the right spots.

After looking the book up on Amazon, I discovered that there were a few different versions as well as the design cover goes.  The book that I have, had the Teen design cover and looks like this:


Even before knowing this was a teen cover design, I really loved the cover as my adult self.  The dove is my favorite part about the design, and the dove symbol is seen in a simple design manner throughout the pages.

Sarah Young chose red, white, and blue for the colors of the cover.  Usually these colors blast patriotism when put together- however the way she designed the cover, it doesn’t blast patriotism- which is great, because the book isn’t focused on patriotism.  Maybe this is because there is a ton of red and blue in the cover and just a little bit of white.  I like how she did this.  Also, to give the book just an extra little touch, there is a silky blue bookmarker attached to the inside to keep track of where the reader last left off.  I absolutely love this- eaecially the shade of blue she picked.

I received this book through BookLookBloggers in exchange for an honest review.

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