Book Review: NIV Bible For Teen Guys

When I think of teenagers I think of the concept of wanting to be be, “cool.”  Some may think it isnt cool to carry around a Bible.  When I ordered the NIV Bible For Teen Guys, I wondered how the contents of it would relate more to teenage guys.

These are some great features of this Bible:

-The hardcover makes it very durable.
-Key verses that relate to what a teenage guy is going through are highlighted in a faded yellow.  The highlighting isnt super eye catching, but it does direct a readers eye.
-Not only are there devotionals that relate to building strength, faith, and wisdom, but in the back is a pretty neat index of all the devotionals by topic.
-The men of the Bible all have character profiles that highlight why each man is person of worthiness.

The Bible is pretty clean cut and isnt packed with clutter topics.  It does not hold many footnotes like a student Bible does, but it contains a concordance to help direct a young reader.  I like that the devotionals are relevant to the age group that it is trying to reach.  However, if I were looking for a Bible for a teenage boy – I may try to look for something a tad bit more rugged and durable – like one of the waterproof camouflaged Bibles.

I received this Bible through BookLookBloggers in exchange for an honest review.


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