Book Review: Goodnight Manger

While I belong to a blog review company, I tend to try to pick out as many books as I can that will benefit my children.  The last book I chose was, “Goodnight Manger” by Laura Sassi.  Unfortunately, however, I will not be giving this book to my children.


The board book is very appealing.  The illustrations are colorful and vibrant.  The size and sturdiness of the book is durable for young ones who tend to be rough on books.

However, the story does not accurately portray the Christmas story.  It portrays the birth of Jesus as noisy and the environment as busy and slightly irritating.  Scripture tends to portray the story more as peaceful – “Goodnight Manger” does not reinforce this scene.

I don’t think that I can give a Christian book to my children that does not parallel scripture very accurately.  In a few scenes, Mary is holding her head with a very frazzled look on her face because the angels and shepherds are waking up baby Jesus.  Once I saw that scene the decision to not give the book to my children was finalized.

I received this book from booklookbloggers for my honest opinion.


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