To Vaccinate or Not –



Vaccinations – in the health world they seem as much a controversial and debatable topic as Hillary vs. Trump.  I am not writing to say that vaccinations are right and we all should vaccinate.  Likewise I am not writing to say that vaccinations are wrong.  I am, however, going to put my thoughts.

When a general citizen has basic health knowledge, one hopes to trust in the higher ups, in those who have specialty and authority in the health field.  The general parent will vaccinate – because, well, health authorities push and push vaccinations.  So vaccinations must be right…..right?  I mean, the specialists say to vaccinate, so it is what is best for all children…..right?  Maybe not….so….much.  There is a saying, “When in Rome do as the Romans do.”  I say, “When in Rome….dig a little deeper, make your own decisions, and do what you feel is right.”

Vaccinations may save a lot of lives.  But, vaccinations may put a lot of individuals over the edge.  Vaccinations may even kill some people.  I am not on here to put a fear factor into the world of vaccinations.  That fear factor is already in place.  Health authorities already put fear into parents by saying that their child could catch some deadly disease if their child is not vaccinated.  This is very true – they could.  On the other hand though, parents are not vaccinating also out of fear – out of fear their child may react badly to the vaccine.  Let’s just get rid of the fear by getting educated.  Let’s just get rid of the fear by making a decision as to what is right for our children and be bold and courageous enough to stand for the decision we made -for that child.

Every child is different and has different scenarios.  What is right for one child may not be right for another.  I have one child who is currently up to date with vaccinations.  I have another who only has half of what is recommended.  I have another child who we plainly stopped vaccinating.  Maybe he will get vaccinated in the future.  Maybe not.

I was questioned by a health authority the other day when I went to get an exemption form for vaccinations.  The way I was questioned made me feel like I was doing the wrong thing.  I explained to this person that I am not going to put vaccinations that contain latex into my child who is allergic to latex.  I am not going to put vaccinations that are high in histamine into my child who has histamine intolerance.

I do not like the sense of bullying when it comes to vaccinations.  This can go both ways- those who are promoting vaccines and question in a manner like you are doing the wrong thing, and those who are against vaccines and make parents who vaccinate feel like an awful parent.  For some reason though, I get the sense of bullying more from the pro vaccine side – for the reason that most of the individuals promoting vaccines are health “authorities” and they like to use that authority role.  For the reason that in order to register your child for school you need to provide proof of vaccinations, and if you don’t vaccinate, you have to jump through hoops to get an exemption form.  You not only can just simply request a form, but then you have to explain, like in my case, what my stance is on vaccinations.

In an educational meeting I attended the other day, a health official stated, “We like to capture as many children as we can for vaccines.”  She then explained the herd concept and if more children are vaccinated then the world is safer for those who are unable to get vaccinated.  My children are unable to get vaccinated.  Their histamine cup per sae, runs high.  Vaccinations have made this histamine cup overflow and has contributed to major health issues.  I appreciate those who do get vaccinated, so that children like mine have a better chance of not catching deadly diseases.  I do not, however, like how she said over and over the word, “capture.”  When I hear that word I think of hostages.   Then I start to think about all the parents who vaccinate just because they are told to.  I think of all the children who are hostages because their parents vaccinated them…because they were told it was best.  I was one of those parents.  I used to believe what the authorities say must be best.  Parents are thrown into situations quickly.  As soon as the child is born they are hounded with decisions to vaccine their babies or not.  The American plan vaccinates multiple times when the children are young – when their immune systems are weak – and the parent is expected to make the decision to do this or not.  The parents are making decisions while sleep deprived.  They most times choose what is recommended because they don’t know any different.  They don’t know the pros.  They don’t know the risks.  They feel like they should be able to trust what authorities recommend.  If we are going to, “capture,” why don’t we “capture” children and feed them all probiotics to increase their immune system?  This wouldn’t be a good idea either, because some people cannot even tolerate the high histamine strains of good bacteria in some probiotics: lactobacillus casei and lactobacillus bulgaricus – because these two “good” strains could do just as much harm to said people as the “good for you” vaccinations.

I don’t have a problem with authorities.  I do, however, have a problem with authorities who do not look into issues in depth.  I also have a problem with authorities who do things just because previous authorities have done it that way.  I have a problem with authorities recommending certain things, like vaccinations, but not being there to follow up with a patient who is no struggling with life because of the vaccinations.  I have a problem with authorities who are not knowledgeable enough to recognize the relationship between poor health and vaccinations.  I have a problem with people trusting biased research that does not display the entire truth.

Many health authorities will not recognize the relationship between autism and vaccinations.  Many will not recognize the relationship between eczema, allergies, or other health issues and vaccinations.  They swear that “vaccinations do not cause autism.”  They fail to recognize that vaccinations contain high levels of histamine and that some people just cannot tolerate such high levels – so their bodies get overwhelmed.  Have you ever felt terrible after having a flu shot?  You didn’t get the flu.  Your histamine levels just overflowed in your body so you got sick.  Also it is funny, how many health officials push the flu shot to patients with egg allergies, when there is egg in flu shots.  The same number of health officials push other vaccinations on patients with multiple allergies regardless of the ingredients in the vaccines.

I have a problem with health authorities not caring for their patients.  By not caring I mean this – it should not take a day or more for a patient to be able to get through to schedule an appointment.  Appointments should not be then scheduled out months at a time.  Patients should not have to wait that long to be able to see their doctor.

Why can’t it be like on Little House on the Prairie, where you can run to get the doctor and the doctor legitimately  CARES about the patient?  The doctor follows up to make sure the patient is doing better?  If the doctor cant figure it out, the doctor learns and educates him or herself and works to help the patient? Why do we as patients have to jump through hoops just to see the primary care doctor, just to have to jump through hoops to get to see some sort of specialist – who treats every client the same with whatever textbook knowledge they believed?  Why can’t health care be more customized and more in depth?  The parents shouldn’t be the ones trying to figure out how to help their children when the doctors cannot figure it out.  Why are doctors not working to figure out health issues that they cannot understand?  Since when has it become an ok thing to let a patient fall through the cracks just because there is no textbook diagnosis or because the issue cannot be figured out?

Health officials: let’s really be specialists on the topics that are being promoted – people are counting on you.  Parents: Look deep into issues regarding decisions about your children.  After gaining the right knowledge trust that you know your children best and will know deep in your gut whether you should vaccinate or not.  And, whatever decision you make, don’t let anyone try to bully you or make you feel like you made the wrong decision.

Remember – When in Rome, don’t do as the Romans do without being certain it is the right thing to do.


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