How to be a Light in Today’s Darkness


We all know and are aware of the issues in today’s world.  Each day there is more question as to how much more darkness and state of corruption the world may (or hopefully may not) fall into.  Often times I ask myself, “What can I, one mediocre person do to help this problem?”

Our world needs light. One may think that in such a big area of darkness that one small positivity will not make a big difference- but please note that fire spreads- light spreads.  Not one good gesture is insignificant.  Maybe a tiny good act will influence others.  Maybe goodness will spread.  Maybe darkness will fall.  It could in a great manner or it could slowly overtime.  Let’s evolve the world for good by individually starting to practice good in the hopes that it will turn into many numbers practicing.

Influence for the positive today.

Here’s a list of practical and tangible ways to bring some light to the dark:

1) Encourage someone – either by text, hand written letter, phone call, or face to face.

2) Stop talking about the bad, the evil, the darkness of the world.  Instead use this time and energy to DO something to make the world better.

3) If you are raising children, invest into raising them be good leaders, decision makers, and people who will promote peace, who will stand for right and wrong.

4) Start pointing out what is GOOD in the world.

5) Pray for our leaders.

6) Take a stand in right and wrong- and hold that stance when in situations.

7) Check on your friends, family, neighbors and ask how they are doing.  Do they need food?  Do they need clothing? Do they just need to talk? Some people do have basic needs that need met.

8) Help neighbors with chores- whether it be raking leaves, shoveling snow, mowing the lawn.  Spread some goodness around.

9) Let your local police force know you appreciate them working to keep you safe.  Tell them face to face, or by mail, etc, or by sending them lunch from a nearby restaurant!

10) Start your own garden and share produce with others.

11) Share good news on social media. Use social media to encourage and uplift others who may be struggling.

12) Fill shoeboxes!  Operation Christmas shoebox is in full swing. Have your children practice giving by helping them fill a shoebox to send to other children across the world.

13) Stop worrying about YOUR needs or wants, and start focusing on how you can bless others.

14) Turn off your tv, put down your phone, and go outside and PLAY.

15) If it is realistic for you, start walking or biking to places you need to go.  Others may get encouraged to exercise too….and health may grow.

16) Stop being BUSY.  Stop running around in the now typical American way.  Rest. Refocus. Ponder. Prioritize.

17) Take the time to have a family dinner- and invite others to come join you.

18) Visit nursing homes and elders who tend to get forgotten as they age.

19) Choose a person to pray for  each day, and pray.

20) Donate to your local food pantry. There are legitimately good, hard-working people out there who fall into hard times…use these programs when in need.

Have more ideas?  Let’s make this list long! Email me at or comment on the Facebook post!

Blessings, Lights UP North


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