Guide to Optimal Health

This past year I have experienced the worst health of my life.  Autoimmune issues have flared and at times I have been dehibilitated with extreme digestive and joint pain.  After much research and trial and error, I am now feeling very well.  With that I write what has helped in hopes of helping others. *Note- I am not a doctor, I am just sharing my experiences.*


Key to Optimal Health (Besides rest, exercise, and coping with stress):

1) Probiotics

I currently use   Therabiotics Complete and my children use Therabiotics Infant.  The infant version has strains that stop histamine reactions (lactobacillus rhamnisus, bilifobacterium infantis, bilifobacterium longus, and lactobacillus planetarium).  The complete version contains a couple of strains that cause histamine (lactobacillus casei and lactobacillus bulgaricus)… Which is why when I am finished with these bottles, I plan on switching over to GutPro.

2) Avoid Inflammatory Foods

Bacon, eggs, coffee, processed foods, preservatives, dairy, wheat, gluten containing products, white sugar, and tomatos are some of the foods that can cause inflammation.

3) Eat More AntiInflammatory Foods

Foods that I eat a lot of are brown rice, cauliflower, broccoli,  gluten free oatmeal, pure maple syrup, local honey, apples, butternut squash, local grass fed meat, olive oil, sweet potatoes, dry beans.

Other antiinflammatory foods that may help a person are blueberries, almonds, strawberries, salmon, Swiss chard, spinach, and kale.

I have been buying ginger root and boiling a slice in water each day- then drinking the “tea.”  This helps my body to digest foods better.  It also works to stop inflammation in my body.

4) Avoid High Histamine Foods

High histamine foods are basically either:
a) foods that are left-overs
b) foods that go bad quickly like bananas and spinach
c) foods with a high mold content like nuts or
d) foods that last a super long time like raisins.

If I stay away from these and stick to a lot of whole grain brown rice and very fresh fruits and vegetables I tend to feel the best.  I cook just about everything in my pressure cooker.  The pressure cooker saves time and electricity.

5) Omega 3’s

Omega 3’s work to prevent allergic reactions as well as inflammation prevention.  Cod Liver Oil, nuts, and algae are some forms of omega 3’s.  My favorite form is by far butternut squash.  I eat butternut squash with olive oil and a bit of Himalayan Pink Salt on top almost every day.

6) Vitamin D

Vitamin D is effective for digestion, allergy prevention, cancer prevention, and sleep.  While this vitamin mostly comes from the sun, people up north need to take a supplement usually to prevent deficiency.  A holistic practitioner recently strongly suggested to me that infants need a supplement of 500 i.u’s, those 1 year of age to adult need 1000 i.u’s and adults need about 10,000 i.u’s.  Research in the 1990’s said that these are too many i.u’s for the body and could create toxicity.  However, recent research has been proving differently and is correlating with what the practitioner recommended. These are the vitamin D’s that our family uses since they are very minimal in additives:

Thorne 5000 I.u. 

Thorne 10,000 I.U.

Thorne Drops (For Babies and Children)

7) Water

Water, water, water.  I am working on remembering to stay hydrated for optimal digestion.

8) Muscle Response Testing and NAET Treatments the Allergy Kit

We have been taking our boys to NAET treatments to eliminate their allergies.  It is my goal to one day to discover and eliminate my own allergies as well.

9) Pea Sprouts

Pea sprouts contain the DAO enzyme in them.  This enzyme greatly helps people with histamine issues.  I was purchasing pea sprouts from the local farmer’s market.  However, this past week I purchased my own peas to try to sprout myself.  I will keep you updated as to how that goes. 🙂

Fresh basil then helps your body to absorb the DAO enzyme.

10) Occasionally I will take Evening Primrose Oil as an anti-inflammatory and antihistamine.

11) I also will use Lavender Oil on the bottoms of my feet for its anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties.

13) Rainbowlight Multivitamin is the current multivitamin I use.  However, I am continuously on a search for a multivitamin for my whole family that is in a more purer state.

14) Apples Apples Apples!

Apples contain quercetin, a powerful anti-histamine.  I eat a lot of apples- just not so much the peels.  The peels are hard to digest, and may contain pesticides.



This post contains affiliate links. All that means is if you ended up purchasing something from the links, Amazon would send me a tiny commission and I would use that to keep our website running and our family healthy.

I hope this post helps you to be well!


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