Book Review: Love Letters From God Holy Bible

As my children are really taking off in reading, I was searching for a Bible to get them as a reward for learning to read.  I strongly feel that even at a young age, the Bible needs to be one of their familiar pieces of literature.  I have received the Bible: Love Letter From God Holy Bible, from BookLookBloggers.  I was impressed with the format of this Bible.  Throughout the book are many love letters – written so that children can understand them.  This I had expected, since, well, the title of the Bible is Love Letters From God.  What I had not expected though, and am really impressed with, is the fact that there are also places for the children to write their own love letters TO God.  Writing to God is a great prayer exercise.  I am excited to see how this Bible influences my children and cant wait to watch them grow with it!


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