Birch and Sickness



I have been staring at these birch trees tucked amongst the yellow-orange leaves for 5 days now.  I rock my sick child over and over while he sleeps- and I gaze out the window at the colors of fall.  I can’t go out and play in the leaves. I can’t go enjoy the fresh air.  The flu, or something similar has hit the home.  Everyone is sick- fevers, snot, and everything else.  No one goes out to play.  No one comes to visit. All weekly events we avoid- we don’t want to spread this to anyone.

Usually when there is sickness people flee.  Understandable. But 2 people come- the same 2 people that always come. They aren’t afraid of getting sick.  They brave the thousands of hacking coughs.  They brave the snot covered couch.  They bring food, make meals, clean my house.  They let the germs cover them as little hands reach up and rub their faces, as little mouths cough on them and little noses wipe on them.
These 2 people come every time there is sickness; whether it takes hours to travel or not, whether it is 1 pm or 1am. They bring sanity to insanity.  They take care of their kids and grandkids.  They hold the fort together.  They are strong, and brave.
If only we all could be.  If only we could all selflessly take care of the needy.  The Bible says to not be afraid, that sickness can be healed, and God will bless those who help the needy.
My parents: they are worthy examples to follow.  Helping others who need help, in my opinion, is the most noble call and blessed gift one could bring.  Thank you for the help mom and dad!
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