Why Food Allergies are Increasing in Infants

Babies suffering from eczema, which is then linked to food allergies can cause heart ache in families.  There seems to be a rise in this yet no understanding as to why among the professional world.  The professional world doesn’t seem capable of handling the issue.  As a result the parents are left to figure things out themselves, spend thousands of dollars trying to get their child healthy…. As what happened to us.  However, I believe God has shown me part of the key factors in this rise of modern day leprosy.  It is my hope to share my story and an eczema/allergy story– and that more babies won’t have to go through what my children went through.  Please share.

I was given 3 earthly babies.  Of these 3, two suffered terrible infantile eczema and then severe food allergies.  My first child didn’t.  I used to always think the reason was gender related.  My daughter didn’t suffer but my sons did.  There may be something related to gender that I have not yet discovered, but I feel there is a bigger factor.


It wasn’t until my 3rd child was born and went through suffering that I realized the factor that played a key role in the illness.  All 3 pregnancies I had hyperemisis gravidarum, a condition that led me to not be able to keep down any food…. Or any nutrients.  With my first child (who didn’t have eczema or food allergies) the doctors had me supplement with vitamin D during my pregnancy. With my next 2 children I didn’t think to supplement with D and the doctors didn’t think to have me supplement.

Research shows that vitamin D deficiency is linked to allergies…. Among many other health issues.

Ok…. But there is more…. More to this concept.  I feel today’s lifestyle plays into this vitamin D deficiency.

1) Mothers are encouraged to exclusively breastfeed their babies.  This is great as breastmilk provides a great food to the babies and to their gut flora.  However, exclusively breastfed babies do not get vitamin D through the milk in sufficient enough amounts.  As a result, unless the mother supplements their baby with D, the baby goes many many months deficient in the vitamin.  Perhaps this is why my son’s egg IGE levels showed negative at 3 months of age, but when retested at 6 months of age his egg IGE levels showed anaphylactic- he had 3 more months to get further deficient in vitamin D.

2) Oh how many doctors I have seen, how many health clinics I have visited, and how many professionals I have seen throughout my pregnancies and throughout trying to get my sons healthy…..and NONE of them mentioned to supplement with vitamin D.  It was not until I REQUESTED blood work be done and D levels be checked for my 3rd child, that I saw results that he was severely deficient in the vitamin.  This makes me wonder how many other doctors are not playing their role correctly and how many other babies are getting sicker by the day…. I don’t even want to think about it…. Please share our story with your doctor and friends! Save a baby…save a family’s sanity…

3) The recent push for health- there are tons of   “Health diets” out there… GAPs, Paleo, SCD, etc.  Please stay tuned for my post on debunking these diets…. But for now take that people are using these to “get healthy” but as a result not getting enough vital nutrients.  Many of these diets cut out dairy…. If dairy is cut out, vitamin D milk is also cut out….. There goes the vitamin D again…

4) Fat fear- With America labeled for obesity, more people are becoming aware of trying to stay slimmer.  When given choices they choose skim milk over whole milk…. Vitamin D milk then get eliminated again.

5) Sunshine- The majority of Americans are not getting enough natural vitamin D from sunshine – whether it be because they a) don’t go outside much due to work or screen time indoors, etc, or b) they go outside but have a fear of skin cancer so they lather on the sunscreen.  Less time is spent in the great outdoors and more time is spent inside it seems.

6) Prenatal vitamins do not have a sufficient of vitamin D in them… For the adult taking them.  Most prenatal a have only 400 I.us and a pregnant woman needs at least 1000 I.u….. More if dealing with hyperemisis.

Other theories?  Factors such as heredity, celiacs, lack of enzymes in the body, pesticides, pollution, etc may have their role in this increasing epidemic.  But, my thought is that vitamin D deficiency has the largest role.  Those other factors you cannot control.  Your vitamin D level you can.  Empower yourself.

Solution? Supplement with vitamin D (responsibly), spend time in the sun, and eat based off the food pyramid.  This is a very cheap way to prevent a miserable illness that could cost you thousands of dollars to fix.

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