NAET Treatment #5 + Latex Allergy Revealed

NAET Treatment #5:  B Complex ( BC-CMG: B1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12, 13, 15, 17, PABA, Inositol, Choline, and Biotin). 

Our 5th Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) treatment consisted of driving about 8 hours from our home.  The first 4 treatments we only had to drive about 4 hours for, as the practitioner worked from a closer setting throughout the summer.

This treatment seemed the hardest because of a) the drive, and b) what we were allowed to eat seemed less.  Even though the NAET manual allowed  x number of foods to eat, we could only eat 3 of the foods due to anaphylasix of the others suggested.  This number then went down to 1, just rice – because it was the only thing that we could cook while on the road driving.  I had to prep my breastmilk since I  was still nursing Jonathan so instead of 25 hours of nothing but white rice and water, I had to get do an extra 24 hours of just white rice to try to get B vitamins more out of my system.  After only about 15 hours of just white rice and water I was definatly feeling like crud.  I didn’t have much strength and felt light headed.   I didn’t know how I was going to go 29 hours total on just rice.  After 3 meals straight of it, I didn’t want to look it in the face anymore.  Knowing that if it was this hard on me, it would be even harder for a young child to go 25 hours on just rice.  We decided to buy some dollar prizes to give to the kids after each rice meal in hopes to encourage them.  We hoped these would also keep them entertained and occupied throughout the next day because we couldn’t go play outside like we normally do (we also had to avoid grasses, plants, trees, and flowers).

While doing some shopping while waiting for our appointment time, we walked past a pretzel shop in Mejier.  The aroma of the homemade pretzels was bittersweet.  Breathing it in I imagined the scent as food…yet longed to be able to…taste it.  I realized then that it has been almost FOUR years since I have been able to eat anything that I wanted.  It had been almost FOUR years that I have had to be on a restricted diet due to breastfeeding infants with allergies.  Usually the restricted diet wasn’t this unusally hard for me.  I tried to be thankful for the foods that God gave us that we COULD eat.  However, since I was already feeling yucky from eating nothing but rice – smelling the pretzels was very hard.  The hope that someday we could ALL eat ANYTHING as a family seemed far away – yet I knew we had to push through as even though it SEEMED far away, it would very soon be close and within our grasp.

Once we got into the parking lot of the treatment center I made sure the kids were fed with the normal food we brought.  They were allowed to eat their normal diet up until the treatment started.  Then once the treatment was set they then had to avoid the certain things for 25 hours.

The treatment center was held in a beautiful building tucked back amongst other medical type buildings in a richy-feeling area.  When we got into the waiting room we had a few minutes yet to wait so I looked around.  I noticed some books for sale.  Amongnst the many books for sale were all the books that Nambudripad had published.  

Upon entering the practitioner’s office I noticed there were several upon several NAET vials.  Many more than what she had in her other office.  When I commented on how many she had she explained that she has probably over 7,000 vials.  She told me how she has a speical biofeedback computer (and showed me the computer) and explained that she can computer generate her own vials to be able to treat for practically anything.  This made me feel like the allergy kit  was that much more credible to be able to buy my own vials to continue treating.

When the practictioner asked how the boys have been, as it has been a couple weeks since she had last seen them, I explained how Jonathan had broke out quite a bit throughout the past couple weeks.  I explained how I had a suspiction of a possisble latex allergy.  I had suspected this all along and many months ago begged our Allergy Specialist to test him for a latex allergy.  Our Allergy Specialist did a patch test on him.  This consisted of placing a patch of latex materials on Jonathan’s back and then the specialist looking at the skin after 24 hours and 48 hours to see if the skin turned red or not.  Our Allergy Specialist was very firm that Jonathan DID NOT have a latex allergy when the test was read at 48 hours despite the fact that I had to clean the area once after a diaper blowout.  I believe it was a faulty test.

A few things that I noticed which caused me to ask our NAET practictioner to retest Jonathan for latex was that the foods that he seemed to react to through my milk also fell under the cross-reactive food category for latex.  These foods were coconut, cinnamon, apple, melon, grapes, and citrus.  Also, it seemed that if he was near a cellphone cord, or computer cord that his mouth would break out.  The past couple of weeks I thought he was teething so I gave him a dropper cap to one of our empty supplements to chew on.  It seemed that those days his face got extremely worse.  The dropper cap was made of a rubbery substance.  What was really the icing on the cake you could say, was when Jonathan was handed a different textured spoon that was similar to the kind of spoon you would ice cake with – and he immediately threw the spoon away from him and started hitting his face.  Within minutes his poor cheeks started getting redder and hotter.  I feel like the material on this unique spoon was some kind of latex.

The practicioner felt all this info as interesting and agreed to test Jonathan for latex, but after she tested to see if they had passed their last treatment of.  Both boys tested strong for their last treatment.  When the practitioner tested Jonathan for latex, his kinesiology was incredible weak – indicating that he was indeed very allergic to latex.

A latex treatment was listed as the last treatment in the manual so I questioned if by chance he could get treated for it sooner than later.  Our practitioner explained usually after the first 6 treatments listed in the manual that yes it could be possible to treat out of order.  We then planned to actually treat for a fabric mix instead of latex.  This mix would include latex but also other textiles such as spandex, nylon, etc.  However, the only way that Jonathan would pass this treatment would be if he touched ONLY cotton for 25 hours.  I then had a challenge ahead of me – to sew a cotton suit for him, cotton diapers, and a cotton covering for his carseat.

A latex allergy explained a lot.  It explained why his arm looked like this when he had ivs in the icu.  imageIt explained why his neck would be covered in hives whenever I slept on certain mattresses or bedding.  It explained why certain sippy cups or bottles would make his face red.  I used to think it was a reaction to the water in them, or to the probiotics in them – but it was because of the latex on them, or to the rubber inside the syringe I would use.  It explained why his wrists would always get red and itchy (elastic in the wristbands of shirts despite the tages on the clothing reading 100% cotton).  It explained why  his face would get red after breastfeeding him but why he was fine if we fed him someone else’s milk through a bottle (his face was near the elastic of my bra).  It explained why he refused the supplemental nursing system in the ICU as the tubing I believe was made of latex.  I explained why his initial breakout was during a large Christmas gathering (all the gift wrapping with latex tape).

After being in awe about the latex allergy, both boys were then treated for Bcomplex.  This consisted of the typical treatment:  the vial being placed in their sock, spinal treatment and then acupressure points, then keeping the vial in their sock for 20 minutes while they played.  Easy peasy.  Both boys absolutely love the practitioner.  Jonathan always lays nice and still in her arms and hugs her.  He puts his head on her shoulder as she treats him and he is always in a ton of peace during this process.  James begs for treaments and usually laughs through his treatments as he is a bit more ticklish.  Treatments seem to be the highlights of his life lately, and I suspose they should be, as God had spoke clearly to him about them. Link to His dream.  The practicioner reminded me that I needed to treat Jonathan after every breastfeeding and to do acupressure points with James a few times throughout the 25 hours to help his body reset itself to accept the Bcomplex.

 Before we left the treatment center I talked a bit more freely with the practicioner.  She is actually in the process of moving closer to the north which is exciting.  I mentioned how I know many people who could benefit from NAET treatments.  A few thngs we talked about were:

She mentioned how she once treated a little baby who had cancer.  She treated this boy twice a day over a small period of time.  That was many years ago and now he is doing very well.  I mentioned that I didn’t realize that NAET can treat for cancer as well.

She also mentioned how people up north seem to be a bit more receptive to NAET.  I asked her why that is, and she brought up religiousness and how many conservative Christians, who are very revelant where her office is currently located,  are a bit closeminded to where they think that the practice isn’t of God.  She talked about how she has people come into her office and accuse her of people a witch because they just don’t understand or want to try to understand oriental medicine.  I came right out and mentioned that we are Christians and how I can see where other Christians may think the practice is New Age-ish in certain regards, but how God created the human body so complex that who can cram all of how the body works into one textbook or theory?   She talked about how she too is Christian and agreed on the complexity of the human body.  I felt like we connected well in this conversation.  If you are Christian and interested in NAET technique or question if the treatments we are taking our boys to is a New Age demonic practice, I encourage you to read my post on Biblical Parallels and NAET.



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