NAET Treatment #1 –

Our first NAET treatment we did not know what to expect. All we knew was that the treatments could clear our boys of their allergies by way of some sort of acupressure points. NAET stands for Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique. It’s pronounced “NATE”.


We had prayed for many weeks about whether or not to take our children to these treatments.  We were not certain that we should go or not for 2 reasons: A)They cost a lot of money-both the appointments in themselves but the drive to get there.  We would have to drive about 5 hours one way for the first month and then 8 hours one way after that. and, B) We didn’t want to do anything that wasn’t Christian.   After James had his dream we decided to at least go to one appointment.

When we walked into the clinic the atmosphere was relaxed. We actually had gotten there pretty early, hoping to get out early because the clinic was held about 5 hours from our home. When we walked in the practitioner greeted us but then asked if we could maybe go for a walk until closer to the time of our initial appointment because there were massages and acupuncture going on. With our rambunctious kids the atmosphere needed to stay calm for the other clients. 

We found a park and played for a bit. After going back to the appointment, James went up to the practitioner and told her that God healed him and told her all about his dream. The practitioner talked to James and told him that is great news that God wants to heal and that God will use the treatments to heal him. She explained how a God didn’t intend for bodies to be sick. She explained that God created foods to be accepting of foods, not for foods to hurt us- that God didn’t design our bodies to have autoimmune reaction and to not attack certain things. She told us that the treatments would help the body to accept food.

Like any initial doctor’s appointment, the first bit of time went over the boys’ health history and over the history of my pregnancies with them. A couple of things the practitioner sad were mandatory or the boys to get better were probiotics and vitamin D. I was glad she said this as I had been feeling for awhile like the 2 were important to them.  A couple other of tidbits of information I found out was that hyperemesis gravidarum (a condition I had with all 3 of my pregnancies) is usually a result of a Vitamin B allergy.  I was also taught certain pressure points to use during anaphylactic reactions that bring the body back to homeostatic balance.

Through muscle response testing (applied kinesiology), both boys were tested to see that they were allergic to.  Basically if the boys were allergic to a substance their muscles would go weak when in the presence of that substance.  If they weren’t, their muscles would stay strong.  Since both boys are so young, Joel and I had to be the surrogates for the testing.  To my surprise the test results were very accurate.  Jonathan tested allergic to pretty much everything (this I already knew as God shared with me a histamine issue, sulf issue, salicylate issue, and now later on disclosed a latex allergy).  James’ test results were accurate to the T.  Things like sugar, egg, dairy he tested allergic to.  Things like iron and salt he was fine with.  This was exactly what I noticed when he was a baby also. I feel like applied kinesiology is far more accurate than any other allergy tests we have gotten for the boys.

The first treatment then consisted of treating the nervous system of the body.  The practitioner put a brain, body, balance vial near each boy’s body so that their skin touched it.  Then she used chiropractic techniques on the spine and acupressure points on the hands, wrists, elbows, and feet.  The boys then had to keep the vial near them for 20 minutes.  After that it takes 25 hours for the body to basically “reprogram” itself.

After this first treatment we saw significant improvement.  Jonathan started sleeping much better.  He took a nap for 1 hour and 40 minutes straight  instead of the 15 minute naps he used to take.  His normally cold and purple feet became toasty warm with a much more normal capillary refill.

I was extremely impressed, pleased, and excited after this first appointment.  There was a sense of peace and hope.  Both of the boys LOVED the practitioner and were both very comfortable with her.  She communicated very well with everyone.

So, we decided to continue to go to treatments, no matter the cost and no matter how far we had to travel.  To us our boys needed help with their health and it was our goal to do everything we possibly could to help them.

Please stay tuned for reflections on the other treatments

Blessings, Erin



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