Allergies and Omega Link


So a couple months ago we had one day where Jonathan’s face cleared up significantly.  We were hopeful.  Then his face turned yucky again.

I will get back to that….

A while back I started taking evening primrose oil for the sole purpose that it is an antihistamine.  When God disclosed that Jonathan’s issues had to do a lot with either histamine containing foods or histamine releasing foods I thought it wouldn’t hurt to take the evening primrose oil myself to give it to him through my milk.  I wasn’t sure it was helping any, so when our NAET practitioner advised against using any oils at all, I decided to test a theory and take the EPO out of the situation.

These past couple weeks Jonathan’s face went from a marvelous window to looking cruddy again….. So, I put  the EPO back in.  Over night his skin improved…. But not to the marvelous point he was earlier.  The EPO was key….but I was missing another factor.

Researching evening primrose oil I discovered a couple neat things.  Not only is it an antihistamine, but it also helps to balance out hormones…. And, the big thing: it is an omega 6.  I learned that people who are deficient on their omegas tend to have allergies and autoimmune disorders.  A light bulb clicked.  Of course he would be deficient and of course I would be also- because we have had to eliminate so many foods from our diet.

There are two kinds of omegas needed: omega 3 and omega 6.  The evening primrose was helping with the omega 6….. But how on earth was I going to get the omega 3’s into us and into his brother?? This doesn’t sound like a big problem for others …. But when someone in the house had severe anaphylaxis reactions to the main sources of omega 3’s (nuts and fish) it becomes an issue.  Other sources are flaxseed oil (which contains estrogen and I didn’t want to pump my boys with more estrogen) and hemp oil (which I had a reaction to before)… And algae (which I don’t really want to think about eating at the moment).

So, how to get the omega 3’s…….hmmm…. I searched the Internet high….searched it low…. And just about when I got frustrated I figured out butternut squash has omega 3’s!

That is when the eureka moment happened.  I clearly could piece together the factors that significantly got Jonathan’s face better.  That first day: I had eaten an entire butternut squash and taken evening primrose. The week he looked beautiful: I was eating butternut squash everyday for dinner and taking evening primrose. Why the squash at that time?  I have no reason other than God was leading me to.

It wasn’t just the evening primrose and it wasn’t just the butternut squash that helped him improved- but it was the combination of the two- it was the omega 3 working with the omega 6 that helped him!

With this revelation I am in awe.  I say thank you to God for another puzzle piece and I look forward to more pieces being revealed soon.



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