Celebrate the little things: part 2

Yesterday I wrote about celebrating the little things. When I first set out to write yesterday’s blog, I had intentions on writing something totally different, it just happened to take me in that direction instead. So today, I write about celebrating the little things- again.

In celebrating the little things, as you remember from yesterday’s post, it’s important to pay attention to little details. Sometimes we forget that very important aspect of life. And sometimes when we forget to pay attention to little things, it can be potentially costly.

We’ve been taking our youngest two boys to some treatments where we’ve been traveling either to Traverse City or Grand Rapids. The lady is based out of Grand Rapids but comes to T.C. once a week when she can so we try to meet up there and save a few hours of travel time. After the treatments the boys are only allowed to be around certain food for 25 hours. It’s been hard because the last two treatments this has literally meant the only food we can have around the boys is white rice. Try eating only rice for a day! I sneak off and find some others food, but Erin’s stayed true and it’s hard.

So after this treatment, James was getting cranky not eating anything but rice so we tried to bargain with him. With only 3 hours to go we tried to distract him. Finally we just said, you know what, make it these last three hours and you can have any dinner you want. He popped up right away and said “Tacos with aunt Grandma and Aunt Sarah!” Well, it was late Saturday and we knew to coordinate, plus drive over to see them would be too much so we agreed we would just have tacos at home for now, and arrange to try and have tacos with them this week sometime.

So quickly I went to the store to pick out or taco stuff. However, I sadly didn’t pay attention to detail. When I picked up tacos shells for James, instead of getting the plain he can have, without all the additives and such, I accidentally grabbed the ranch flavored shells. I didn’t realize they were ranch when I bought them, or when I opened them. Since we hadn’t realized they were ranch, we gave them to James without hesitation. Well with ranch, milk is required and if you follow us at all, you know James is allergic to milk.

James got about a half taco in and all of a sudden Erin looked up and yelled at James to stop eating. I hadn’t noticed because I was across the table and our dining room light is broke so it was pretty darkish. Anyway, Erin noticed little hives starting to form on James all around his mouth. She had him open his mouth and sure enough hives were forming on his tongue as well.

Having a child stop breathing and having hives all over their neck and mouth is a scary thing. We know this first hand because it happened to James when he was a year old. He also came close a second time when he ate some fish. I don’t care how many times you go through it, it’s scary. Luckily enough, we were a little more prepared this time. I immediately thought there’s only a trace amount of milk so maybe it won’t react as bad. However, we also wanted to be close to the hospital in case it got worse. We do remember from when he was one how quickly that happened.

We gave him some Benadryl right away because that helps with the allergic reaction. We also used a trick we learned from our NAET treatments that is supposed to help balance the body and slow things down. While doing this, we also wanted to be safe and get ready in case a hospital visit was needed. We got everything ready, already had his epipen out and began piling in the van. Before we went, we also prayed over James- little things.

In the short time we took to get ready, pray, and pile in the van, you could tell his hives were getting a little bigger and more noticeable. By the time we got to the hospital however, everything had been working and the hives were beginning to go down! Instead of stopping at the hospital, we drove out to the beach, which is about five minutes past the hospital. Be the time we got to the beach parking lot, all the hives were gone and James was breathing normally and not feeling itchy! We decided instead of taking him in, we would just keep a super close eye on him at home.

We went home and it was past bedtime, but we let the kids eat because remember, our dinner was cut short and we were going on 25 hours with only rice before that. I lay awake and kept my finger on James’ pulse to make sure it was still going for the next 5-6 hours or so, just continually praying over him.

Like I mentioned yesterday, when we’re faithful with the little things, God will impart on us and entrust to us greater things. The bible tells us many times throughout to put forth our best effort, don’t be lazy, work hard, and so on and so on. My personal favorite is Ephesians 4:1 which tells us to live a life worthy of the calling we’ve received. Our calling in Christ Jesus is great. Likewise, our attention to detail should be great also.  In being faithful in the little things, it’s also important to pay attention to detail in those little things as well. I forgot the little things and it could’ve potentially been my kid’s life. Pretty powerful when I think of it that way. I am so thankful he’s ok, I don’t know what I’d do without my bubba. Next time I go get taco shells, I’ll be sure to pay attention to details and grab the right ones.

Be blessed. Be a blessing.

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  1. Did not know that you write a Blog. Sarah never mentioned that to me. I will start following you. I have done a couple of blogs. I want to do more even though I don’t do a very good job. Keep up the good work my friend.

    “Doc” Bill T.

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