Biblical Parallels of NAET

When my oldest boy was 4 months old the world turned chaotic as his body broke out in a complete rash, eczema, allergies, and anaphylactic episodes, everything I knew was turned upside down.  Then when his younger brother was 3 months old the same thing happened, just in an more extreme version.  Just when I thought life couldn’t get more chaotic, extreme became much more extreme.

After writing a desperate facebook post on how we didn’t know what else to do to help our young babe, a woman contacted me about Nambrupad Allergy Elimination Techinique (NAET) treatments.  When our eldest son had a dream,  we decided to follow through and take our boys to these treatments.

NAET treatments basically consist of chiropractic and acupressure concepts while in the presence of the allergin so that the body will in turn accept the allergin instead of attacking it in an autoimmune way.

Concepts of oriental medicine can be very questionable and unknown to many who are immersed in the conventional Western cutlure.  Sometimes the unknown is treated as something of the devil or hocus-pocus simply because it is easily misunderstood.  While there are NAET practices that take place in the same businesses that perform unChristian methods, the are also NAET practices performed by Christians.  While taking my boys to NAET treatments I was surprised of the biblical parallels that God disclosed to me.

As I go through life I have learned 2 things: 1) we as people cannot fully understand how complex God designed the world and our bodies.  2) What Satan intends for evil God can turn around for good.

Food for the thought in case you cannot grasp those two concepts: 1) I do not fully understand how NAET works to heal the body, but at the same time I cannot understand at all how a television works exactly, or radio waves….but I see the results.  Still with me? 2)Rock and roll may have been initially created by unChristian bands… But now there are awesome Christian Rock and roll bands ministering to people all over.


That being said, here are the biblical parallels I have seen in NAET treatments:

1) Acupressure-  NAET treatments involve pressing on certain areas of the body that help to trigger a response to heal.  In Leviticus 14, instructions for the priest for healing of the person with an infectious skin disease, it is instructed to anoint the big toe of the right foot and the lobe of the right ear with oil or guilt offering.  When researching the right ear lobe and right big toe, pressure on these two areas is known to relieve stress and to help in healing of the body.

2) Isolation- Another instruction for the priests in dealing with lepors in Leviticus 13 is to examine them and if  there are still skin issues , to send the lepor into isolation for 7 days.  NAET treatments have a kind of isolation too in that after being treated certain foods and plants need to be strictly avoided for 25 hours while the body balances itself out.  Sometimes this can involve staying isolated away from others for the set time as others eat the food you cannot be around.

3) Fasting- The Bible brings about many stories of fasting and how those who fasted were either spoken to greatly by God or made strong.  NAET involves a certain amount of fasting as the patient must avoid certain foods for a 25 hour time period, or if the mother is breastfeeding a 50 hour time period.

4) Circles of completeness- When performing the acupressure, the points being used form a full circle around the body.  Although I cannot find anything in the Bible regarding a circle, I do know that God Promises  to be faithful to complete what He started – and this reminds me of a circle ( a form of completeness).  I also know that God has been giving our family visions of circles, as written about in our book.

5) Nazarites- The were many Nazarites in the Bible- Samson and Daniel being two of them.  These Nazarites were very strong and leaders, but before they could be this they had to refrain from certain things for a set time (mainly food).   The mothers of the Nazarites also had to refrain from certain foods while their child was in the womb.  NAET treatments build the immune system so that the person being treated develops much stronger.  During the treatments they must refrain from certain foods ( though usually these people have food allergies so they are used to refraining from the food anyways). After the treatments the patient can then eat without restrictions and the immune system is much stronger.  If a breastfed baby is being treated, the mother must follow all guideline as well.  Sounds to me like Nazarite concepts.

God did not intend for bodies to be sick.  I have found NAET treatments to be very safe and very effective.  I believe NAET is a method that God is using to heal our sons as well as many others.

Blessings, Erin

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