AD RescueWear Rescues Baby’s Skin

When our baby broke out in head-to-toe eczema we needed something to protect him from scratching his skin open while we worked to heal his body. Clipping his fingernails everyday still didn’t prevent breaks in his skin.  We couldn’t use socks to cover his hands because the elastic in the socks and the heat they generated made the eczema worse.


We thankfully stumbled upon AD RescueWear.  Despite the fact it was $100 we ordered the full body suit.  This was the best investment of $100 I ever spent.  In fact it was such a good investment that we ended up ordering 2 suits.  These suits are baby Jonathan’s signature suit.  He is hardly ever seen in any other piece of clothing.

imageAD RescueWear has been our saving grace at nighttime.  In any other clothing our child would be up all night long scratching himself- even scratching his kneepits with his toes.  With his rescue suit on the urge to scratch instantly goes away.  His rescue suit helps to monitor his body temp.  He wears it in 90 degree days and on 60 degree days.

We love how the folds near the hands allow us to expose his hands when he is playing and to cover his hands when needed.  The fabric has allowed skin to heal.  It also protects against contact dermatitis and contact allergens.

imageWhile our baby is starting to heal,  if I had to go through this eczema all over again I would buy an AD RescueWear suit again in a heartbeat.  He is never without it.  We keep the spare washed and at fingertips for when he needs a clean suit.  We have even been putting them in the dryer and we are still having good results. We have had the suits for him for 6 months now.  We do not use them for wet wrap therapy but to simply protect his skin.  He is never without his suits- except to bathe.


Thank you, AD RescueWear, thank you.

Blessings, Lights UP NOrth

Note:  We are writing this review solely as a genuine thank you to the company.


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