For Ethan – Our “Eczema Treatment Manual”

Before going to sleep tonight I read an article about a special boy, Ethan, who has eczema….much like my sons.  The parents tried everything to help him and now he is undergoing chemotherapy to deal with the symptoms.  I have tried to sleep tonight, but my heart keeps breaking over and over for this boy.  It is 3 in the morning and I still cannot sleep thinking about this child and what he is going through.  For him and for his parents I write this:

Dear parents of Ethan (any for anyone else dealing win eczema for that matter):  I know your pain.  I know your heartache.  I saw your photos of your son.  Here are photos of mine:



I am praying that maybe our story will be of some help to your son.  Here are pictures of them now:


Here is how we got there:

1) With my first child we cut out all of his food allergies.  These were dairy, nuts, fish, egg, and sugar.  It however was not until we took it a step further and cut out gluten that he started clearing.  If he even eats one small cracker now he will get sores that burrow into his skin- much like what I saw in pictures of your son.

2) My first child’s skin got addicted to steroid cream.  The Mayo Clinic even noticed and referenced the addiction. The cream started doing the adverse effect and creating eczema.  We had to wean him off of this and then his skin became beautiful (while taking gluten away also).

3) My second son on the other hand is allergic to much more foods.  He is allergic to anything with sulf in it (sulfur rich foods, sulfates, sulfites).  He is also allergic to salicylates.  As well as histamine containing foods….and citric acid.  Raisins and most fruits make his face ooze.  Garlic covers him in hives.  He sneezes whenever around soap that has citric acid in it.   I could go on and on about what he can’t eat but for now I will say he can Currently only eat rice and cauliflower… And breastfeeds.

4) It is written in your article how you apply moisturizer 15 times a day.  It wasn’t until I stopped putting anything on my sons that they totally cleared.  Moisturizers can create contact dermatitis, can contain potential allergens, can cause clogged pores and heat rashes, and can make the skin dependent on them to where normal oil production ceases.  I strongly suggest tapering off the moisturizers.  I know this is hard as when you see something broken you want to do something to fix it, and usually applying moisturizers or something on the skin is how people feel the issue will be fixed.  A lot of the times it isn’t the external that is the issue, but the internal.

5) Vitamin D supplementation….. The why is to written here.

6) Probiotics help.  At first it may seem they make the condition worse as toxins, etc are pushed out more through the skin- but then the skin becomes nice and clear.  The key is to find a probiotic your son is not allergic to.  My suggestion is Therbiotic– Infant. My older son is allergic to the non infant version but handles the infant version just fine.  The adult version contains strains that produce histamine so you don’t want that, whereas the infant version  contains strains that stop histamine production in the body.

7) Avoid histamine containing or histamine releasing foods.  These are things such as dried fruits, meats, and leftovers.  Rice, gluten free oats meal, pure maple syrup, butternut squash, and cauliflower are our go-to’s.

8) In hopes that our sons can eat all foods, we are taking them to NAET treatments.  These treatments are supposed to help their bodies accept the foods and not attack them.

9) Bathing:  we use only water- pure and simple water- like warm.

10) There have been times where if left alone for 5 seconds our child would scratch his face to a bloody pulp.  To protect our son’s skin from this we have been using AD RescueWear.    Here is our review of it.

11) If it is an infant who is suffering, the mother needs to cut out allergic foods.  We also saw it beneficial for the 2 of the mother took probiotics.  This allows for the breastmilk to be broken down more in an easier form for the infant to digest better.

12) We noticed that in both our sons that circulation was a factor.  Article 1 about our experience with the cardiologist.  Article 2 about how circulation improved with NAET treatments.

13) Pea sprouts are good to eat ( if you don’t have an allergy to them). They contain the DAO enzyme which held to stop histamine production in the body.

We felt we had literally tried everything.  We understand the rude comments and more comments made by the public and the worry that people will think you aren’t caring for your child.

We are praying for you and your son.  He will be an overcomer.   Please contact us at

We are here to help with support and advice.

We will continue to update this as we go through life.

Blessings to you, Joel and Erin

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