Toasty Feet and Chin Dimples

Life can sometimes be a bunch of puzzle pieces that you have to wait to receive.  Slowly God will give you each clue and one by one put together a masterpiece.

December 13 of this past year I remember clearly.  It was the first day I discovered my 3 month olds skin was starting to break out.  Since we walked down the same path of eczema and allergies with his older brother, I dreaded what was ahead- yet I thought the same remedy that worked for his brother would work for my sweet babe.  I was far from right.

Taking gluten, dairy, eggs, etc out of my breastmilk in hopes of clearing up my child did not work.

We tried everything, as described in this post.

At times our child’s skin would literally disappear only to have it then slowly regrow with scabs.image

imageHis feet were blue and cold constantly to the point we had to see a special heart Doctor. We wrote about that day here.

His back was covered in hives.

imageWe bought special clothing from the United Kingdom and invented our own “straight jacket” just so that he wouldn’t scratch himself bloody.


Whenever I ate certain foods such as raisins, watermelon, or citrus his face would blister.

Our baby started only pooping every 10 days and only peeing about once a day.

Life seemed to be a constant state of…. Hell. For him, and for me.  We were in an extreme situation and doctors didn’t seem to have the knowledge to help or want to help.  Allergists stated he didn’t have any allergies.

People started telling me I had candida- a fungus eating me alive and transferring to my baby.  I imagined myself a walking mushroom decaying away.

After much reflection on the book of Daniel and copying the living patterns of Daniel for a while, God started to speak clearly- as He did to Daniel.  God showed us some clues:

1) God showed me that candida is not a concept from Him.  Candida is from the devil.  God showed me that grains are good.  Once I started putting more grains and carbs back into my diet, our baby started peeing a ton and pooping like he should.

2) God showed me that everything Jonathan was reacting to through my milk either contained histamine or released histamine.  He revealed multiple research pieces regarding this concept which I will later share.

3) God gave us pea sprouts which contain a certain DAO enzyme to help stop the histamine outrage that was going on.

4) God showed us Jonathan was very allergic to anything with “sulf” in it, whether it be a sulfur-rich food, or a sulfite, or sulfate.

5) God spoke to us through a random lady about salicylates which confirmed our already suspicion  of his allergy to them…. As well as anything crossreactive to ragweed pollen.  This confirmed why his face got bad if we fed him apples or cucumbers…. Green beans…

Reacting to high histamine foods, salicylates, and ragweed pollen cross reactives didn’t give us much food left that he didn’t react to.  How does one deal with that?

6) God showed us NAET treatments.  These are Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Treatments.  My husband wrote a bit about them here.  The first appointment helped heal his nervous system.  Within hours after the first treatment his normally cold and purple feet turned toasty warm and normal color!The capillary refill drastically improved.


7) The NAET practitioner found us a vitamin d that did not have ANY additives……we sought long and hard for something like this.

8) A friend suggested Norwex which has no sulfates in it.  We are now using the products and he no longer sneezes every time I do the dishes.  We use the laundry detergent for our dish soap as it is chemical free and does not have any hint of citrus in it at all.

imageGod showed us all of these pieces to heal our son.  We are starting to see health.  We can even see his chin dimple which has been covered for so long .

image We give all the credit to God.  He gets all the glory.  It is our prayer and it has been all along that we would be able to help others through this journey.  We are excited to see continued healing in both our boys.

We have a lot of NAET treatments ahead of us as the treatments work slowly so that the human body will be accepting of the many food groups, vitamins, and minerals.  We are trusting that God will provide the means for us to continue to go to these treatments.  We have a good God and we know He is faithful to complete what He started.


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