Thankfulness is a Choice

Thankfulness is a choice, as is accepting a blessing. Recently we took a family trip to Virginia Beach, Virginia to visit some friends. On our way back, I paid the toll of the car behind us. Not a big deal, something I often do. I’ve crossed the Mackinac Bridge quite a few times this summer and often will pay for the person behind me. Sometimes I’ll pay for the guy behind me in the drive thru. Not very often but more so because I rarely eat out. I’ve never gotten a response mostly because I drive a little faster than most and I don’t stick around long enough for them to respond.

Well this particular toll, the lady actually caught me about 5-6 miles down the road. No small feat because I rarely drive the speed limit. She on the other hand was cruising. On a side note, I did notice many people who were routinely going 15-20MPH over the speed limit, I usually limit it to 8-10. Anyways, she caught me and pulled up next to us and as I looked over, she was literally doing a happy dance in her vehicle. I could tell she was saying thank you over and over. She stayed even with us for 20 seconds doing her dancing and rejoicing and being thankful. For a grand total of $6.60, she had her day made. She chose to let it bless her.

Very shortly after this, I had a flashback thought to one day when I was in the Secretary of State changing my address for my license. It was me and one other lady at the counter that afternoon. I have no idea what she was doing, but I do remember whatever it was, it was going to cost her right around $30. No idea the exact total, but somewhere in that ball park. She looked through her purse, ran out to her car, started calling friends to ask for money and couldn’t come up with it. I don’t know why it took me so long, but after awhile I felt compelled to help out, so I offered to pay her $30.

She very quickly refused. I was actually a little astounded that she would refuse my blessing to her. She wouldn’t take the money though. Shortly after, I was across the street getting gas and she was walking over from the Secretary of State and approached me. I thought maybe she’d come to her senses and would accept my free gift, but instead she pranced right up to me, and stated rather boldly “that’s a little bit of wishful thinking don’t you think?” I asked her what she meant and she quickly replied “oh please, $30 isn’t even worth a sexual favor letting alone getting to have sex with me.” I assured her those were far from my intentions and I just wanted to help her out, and she stormed off saying something along the lines of her not being that cheap to be bought like that.

I was a little more appalled than anything, but when I thought of the toll booth incident, and then this past incident, it really reminded me that thankfulness, as well as accepting a blessing, is a choice. I could easily apply that as well to the eternal gift of life the God offers us, which is done very often, but then I had the brain fart (safety) of the year. God offers us eternal life as a gift and we have to choose to accept that, and I’ve heard that time and time again growing up in the church. But, God also offers us so much more a a gift: peace, comfort, thankfulness, hope, different gifts of the spirit, etc. Why don’t I ever hear that referred to? God has so many precious gifts available to us I can’t even begin to list them all. Eternal life isn’t the only thing He offers, so please, start accepting them unconditionally and allowing God to bless you. He doesn’t have ulterior motives like that lady thought I had, He just wants to give to you gifts that will help you walk through this life. Accept God, then accept the gifts that He has for you.

Be blessed. Be a blessing.

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