Take God Out of the Box!

Our world, the earth, and even the human body: no one can wrap their mind around how complexly made they are. Scientists try…. Then there are many different theories. We have Western culture medicine, Chinese medicine, conventional approaches, and holistic approaches.

Our God is a great designer. He creates masterpieces. He creates things so very complex that the understandings of His work cannot be pinpointed or completely narrowed down. It is important that we keep an open mind in life, allowing God to work from different approaches and in different multitudes. He can perform supernatural healings without the procedures being so obvious until the end result approaches. He may use different strategies, different techniques, different approaches for a healing to occur.

For anyone who knows us, they know that the past few years have not been easy for us. After some rough pregnancies, the boys that God has blessed us with have gone through extreme health concerns including anaphylaxis and extreme skin measures. What it all boils down to is their bodies have been reeking of internal chaos and unbalance. We have had skin disappear on us. We have had hearts come close to stop beating. Lungs close to not breathing.

Through the trials we have faced we have learned of God’s goodness and God’s great power. One big thing I have learned is that God is structural in an abstract way. What I mean by this is that He is concrete and He is foundational, but not in definite terms. When one thinks of structural, one thinks of rules, definite boundaries and measures.
God is structural in that He is reliable, He is strong, He is framework plus everything built upon the framework. But He is not structural in a boxed up sense.

One can try to fit God into a box. One can try to put measures on Him and look at Him and the world in a defined definite way, but this is a closed mind type of thinking.


God and all that God has made, all that God has created cannot be crammed into a box. It cannot be crammed into one text book. It cannot be crammed into one philosophy, into one approach, into one theory, or into one type of medicine. For all we know, we have not even touched upon how intricate and awesome God is. For all we know, scientists , historians, and others have just skimmed the surface.

Life must be looked at with an open mind. Our boxes that we try to cram God into must be opened. God is a free God. His will is going to get done no matter what, but there is true beauty in just letting Him do His works. If we keep our box, our minds, closed to God or to how we think God should be, we will miss out on the beauty, on the music, on the dances in life.

Open the box. Let God be just that: God. Maybe that means letting go of the structure of a church service and allowing the Holy Spirit to move. Maybe that means looking at a situation with a completely different pair of eyes. Maybe that means letting go of religious laws that have bound you. Maybe that means just plainly looking at life upside down, backwards, and inside out.


Let’s dance through life- with dance moves not yet created. Let’s hear the music- there is music you haven’t heard before. Let’s leave room for God to be God. Let’s leave room for more creations, more works, and for learning what you haven’t yet learned.


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