Patience For Promises

Did God promise something to you?

In the Bible He makes a multitude of promises to us, His children.

Has He made a specific covenant with you concerning a specific area your life? Have you been waiting for this promise to be fulfilled?

God will fill His promises. He doesn’t lie. He doesn’t betray. He doesn’t make promises He won’t keep.


We have to be patient.

Hebrews 6 informs us that God is a promise keeper. He promised blessings to Abraham and Abraham’s descendants. In Hebrews 6:15, Abraham received these blessings, only “after waiting patiently,”

Abraham had to wait for his blessings.

In Genesis God made the covenant, the promise that we would never flood earth again. This covenant was made after Noah endured rain for 40 days and 40 nights. For Noah it probably felt like the rain would never end. However after being patient and trusting God even when land could not be seen, Noah was there to witness a great and awesome promise from God be filled.

Maybe it has been raining on your life. The wind is roaring. The waves are rocking your ark. You can’t see land. You are clinging to the anchor.

Be patient. God WILL fulfill His promises. You WILL be blessed.  It is true that God can commit instantaneous miracles, but other times He will slowly and methodically put together the puzzle pieces one by one.  We just have to trust His timing and let His will be done.

imageThe rainbow is coming, and it will be complete- it will be full circle.


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