James’ Dream

A few weeks ago, I was out of town but James woke up excited and hurried to mom to tell her that he had a dream! He said that God healed him. Erin was excited and asked James about the dream. He went on to tell Erin that he saw God and He touched him, then pointed to a bunch of spots on his body and said God touched him in all those spots and healed him. James was insistent that the allergies that have plagued him all three and a half years of his life were gone.

James has had a hard go since birth. We had him home exactly one day before he had to go back to the hospital for a week with extreme jaundice. Three days into our hospital stay and his levels were still rising and it wasn’t looking good, but then, like a fever, it just seemed to break. They started to slowly come down but still too high to go home. One thing for sure, this boy has faced adversity from day one. The healing he was referring to in the dream though were all allergy specific. He’s allergic to dogs, nuts, eggs, corn, soy, wheat/gluten, dairy and some other things I’m sure I’m forgetting.  James was insistent he was healed in the dream.

Erin went and got some milk and rubbed a little on his neck. Immediately he hived up. No healing. James was still insistent though. imageErin explained to James that sometimes God will give us a dream and a promise and that it’s not necessarily for now, but for later. At three years old, he had a hard time with this and was still insistent God healed him.

Side track to a doctors appointment we had for James and Jonathan (who has more allergies than James). The doctor specialized in a treatment called NAET (pronounced Nate). It uses a combination of Chinese medicine, reflexology, balancing the nervous system, acupressure, and chiropractic care.  Erin and I had been praying and we just weren’t sure if we should go to these treatments or not. It was supposed to be highly effective for allergy treatment, but it was also a five hour drive away, a pretty expensive treatment, and insurance didn’t cover any of it so it would be all out of pocket. Without a job at the moment, that pricey treatment seemed even pricier. However, because of James’ dream we decided we would do one treatment and see how it went and then pray on it some more.

We came out of that first treatment completely in awe. Not so much for the treatment or successfulness of it or anything like that, but more so because when she was treating James, she proceeded to begin using all these points on James’s body that were the exact same one James had shown us from His dream. James even told the doctor that God was going to heal him and the God had touched him on those spots too. She smiled and said that was good because God wants us to be healthy. I mean, these were pretty specific spots- middle of the forehead, left collarbone, right outside of the ankle, etc. James pointed to each one exactly where the doctor was touching, and did so a week before our treatment. Erin and I were in awe to say the least. God definitely spoke to James in the dream.

So we left that appointment knowing that it was something we needed to continue for the boys. God may not have healed James yet, like James said had happened in his dream, but we fully believe that God gave Him a promise and that He intends on keeping it. Don’t we often times in life have that same reaction to God’s promises? God gives us a promise and we want it now! Or worse, we get a promise and get angry, upset, and even defensive or skeptical when it doesn’t happen right away. Speak life into your promises! Don’t let Satan rob you of what God has promised you. The bottom line is that if God promised you something, He is faithful. Remember Abraham waited forever and a day to have a child. I’m sure there were times he was filled with doubt or skepticism to God’s promise, but he stayed faithful to God and to his promise and he was rewarded for his persistent faithfulness. Promises are meant to give us hope into a specific situation, not an immediate gratification. Hang onto the hope of whatever promises God has given you and trust that He will be faithful to bring those to fruition.

On a side note, I would also ask that those reading this would please pray with us. Like I said, we’re currently jobless and insurance doesn’t cover the treatments so we’re definitely in a spot we need to trust God in this, but we also know it’s something we need to continue with each boy.  We know that when God tells you to go that you must go- and He has given us great peace about it. We still will appreciate all prayers. Thanks in advance!

Be blessed. Be a blessing.

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