Upon a walk the other day, we stumbled upon this guy: a small plant that is so determined to grow that it pushed up through the asphalt sidewalk.


Now that is determination.  I am sure the plant didn’t have any sunlight on it until it busted through the hard surface.

Sometimes in life it may seem like we don’t see any sunshine either.  Yet, we have to believe it is there and keep pressing on, keep growing up towards what we believe is there.

The light was there for that little plant, just on the other side of a surface.  Our light, God, is there for us – always- even if it seems He is on the other side of a surface.

Be determined.  Be strong. Keep going bit by bit, and eventually that hard surface will budge.  There will be a breakthrough.  The light will pour down on you.

Go through life with full determination of goodness.

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