The Drifting Soles of the Scattered Soul

Yesterday I lost my crocks….my beloved crocks.  I made it a whole 60 miles before I realized I wasn’t wearing any shoes.

Today was a day of rerouting, of detours, of chasing, of turning around, of tracking down.

Let me first get one point across.  I don’t drink.  I don’t do drugs.

This is a funny story.


Remember how I said yesterday I lost my crocks?  Today…well…..for some reason my shoes, my soles, keep trying to get away from me.

I went to the beach….with my Bobs.  I took off my Bobs and placed them safely by a log.  The next thing I knew, one of them left me…..floating along the shore.  There I sat and watched, as it drifted along in the waves, speedily moving along.  I couldn’t go get my Bob, as I was tending to my child.  After about ten minutes of watching my Bob bob along, I decided to take a walk to see if it by chance floated to shore.  Off I walked, and low and behold, a person came running to me with my Bob. “I rescued it!” the woman exclaimed.

I was happy…for I still owned a pair of shoes!

Onward I went on with my day.

As the evening neared, I went out to our vehicle to get my Bobs.  They weren’t there! I then chuckled and shook my head at myself as I remembered putting them on top of our vehicle before unlocking the door.  You know THOSE people, who put pops on their vehicles and drive off with them? I swear, I am not that person!  I don’t usually lose things!  Did I mention I don’t drink? I don’t do drugs??.

Today I WAS that person….the person who drives with things on the roof of their vehicle…..

So, off I drove, now again barefooted….to try to find my lost Bobs.  My beloved Bobs.

I expected to find them in the parking lot of the beach.  But, just a mil from my house, there they were, in the road…..both in one spot….several miles from the beach.  They almost made it home!!!! Together! My beloved Bobs….

My soul apparently wasn’t focused today.  So much so that my soles drifted off.  Life is better when we stay focused.  We need to focus on the Lord and do our best to keep that focus.

It is my prayer today that even if we lose focus, that we can backtrack, reroute, turn around, or chase after God and continue to find Him- much like my experience with my soles today.


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