Freedom. Is it really free?

Freedom and the day we celebrate it is upon us.

But, wait, is freedom really “free”?

Our soldiers fight for our American freedom.  Law enforcement fight for our localized freedoms.

What about our freedom through Christ?  The Bible says, “Where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.”

Jesus paid the price for that freedom.

Pure freedom – freedom that allows chains to be broken off us.  Freedom that gives us the opportunity to repent. Freedom that gives us the chance to be forgiven.

We have been given such an awesome gift.

Because Jesus died, we can have this freedom.  He paid the price in the true frontline.  He didn’t go fighting physically.  He just obeyed what God wanted Him to do.

Because Jesus had thorns stabbed into his head,

because Jesus had nails hammered through his hands,

because he was speared through his rib cage….

….and left to hang and suffer..and die…..

We can live our lives carried by God, with light yolks – with no heavy burdens.

We can be truly FREE.

Do you accept this gift?  Do you want to be truly FREE?

If our soldiers fail, if our law enforcement fails, if our American freedom is taken away, I can rest assured in my freedom in Christ.  For this is the best gift of all.

My soul has been set free.  Chains have been broken.

Get your freedom gift today. It’s just a prayer away.

Blessings, Erin


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