Certainty in times of uncertainty

It is human nature to like life to be predictable.  We like to know what we should expect from day to day.  We like to know that we will be taken care of, have enough food to eat, have good health, retire in a nice home….We like to live in our homemade little bubble, where we can control what happens from day to day….or at least have an idea of what is ahead.

No one likes or desires to live life day by day, wondering where your next meal may come, where you will live the next week, whether you will have warm clothes for the winter.

One thing I have learned about life is it is unpredictable.  Life can very quickly and swiftly take many turns of unexpectations – whether for the positives or the negatives.


One thing I have learned about God in this unpredictable world is He is predictable.  He is stable.  He is a foundation.  He is consistent. He is provision.  He is enough.  In a world on uncontentment, God is enough.

God shines during worldly unexpectations.  Those moments of wondering where provision is allows room for God to act in mighty ways.  Times where full reliance of God is all that a person can do, opens doors for miracles and for God’s strong and mighty hand to act in strong and mighty ways.

It is true, as it says in the Bible, that we don’t have to worry. As the Lord clothes the flowers in the fields and feeds the sparrows, we are much more important and will be take care of by Him.  We can be certain in times of uncertainty that God provides, protects, loves.

Blessings, Lights UP North

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