A Natural Quest For Health

I used to always consider myself healthy.  I was a star athlete in high school.  I didn’t eat much “junk”. I tried to take care of myself the best way I knew how.  I minored in Health Education and majored in Physical Education.


I seemed to be always sick.  If I caught a cold I would be wiped out for 2 weeks, at least.

Now, after 3 hard pregnancies and a lot of chronic stress, my health has greatly deteriorated.  I had both my gallbladder and my appendix removed, I have been having major digestive issues, thyroid issues, and trouble with my body absorbing nutrients.  I believe it all boils down to gut issues.

What is worse, is I have been noticing a lot of major health issues in my very young children. For the past couple years, and very intensively in the past 7 months, I have been doing many long hours of research pertaining to health.

It is my desire to share with you the various discoveries I have come across in an attempt to make a more natural lifestyle change in hopes of health.

A lifestyle change……

This, is such a process.

It is a matter of change, in myself and then encorporating into my immediate family’s style of living.

I have found that encorporating slowly is the key to helping to get my children on board.

Please join me on my quest/journey for health as I share my discoveries.  I have many discoveries/changes… But I choose to post about only one at a time.

With these changes, I see health.  Instead of being bed stricken, instead of having children always sick, instead of seeing intolerances, I am seeing enjoyment of life – a more natural way.

I appreciate any comments/insights to regarding good natural health 🙂

My first post will be about Himalayian Pink Sea Salt.

Thank you, Erin

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