A Natural Quest For Health, Discovery #3: Feed Marvin (the composter).


This is Marvin! (or Marv for short).

Marvin is our family composter.

He helps us with leftovers.  He cleans up our scraps.

We can’t have a dog to help with scraps so we have Marvin.

What we feed Marvin:

Any leftover foods, just not meat.

Toilet paper rolls

Paper plates

Pieces of paper (and with kids we seem to have a lot of paper from coloring books etc)

Marvin gives us blessings when we feed him:

Besides compost that is rich and abundant in vitamins and minerals, Marvin saves us money. He allows us to not have a lot of garbage.  He also allows us to save money because when we use paper plates and feed him the plates then we have less dishes to wash… Thus less hot water is used!

We have to remember that:

Marvin likes the heat and the sunshine.  The warmer he is the happier he is.

Marvin loves to spin.  When we remember, we spin him around a few times.

Marvin doesn’t like meat.

Marvin likes a bit of water every once in a while.

He tends to hibernate in the winter.  He likes when you save your winter scraps by freezing them though.  Then you can fill his hungry belly come spring time!

Treat Marvin well and he will treat you even better :). He is very low maintenance.  Makes for a wonderful pet….. Almost as nice as our fish…


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