A Natural Quest For Health, Discovery #2: Drink Your Water

Drink your water…. Sounds easy enough, right?

I tend to forget to do this, especially when taking care of multiple young children.  Throughout the day I am consumed with taking care of everyone else that I often times forget to take care of myself- and that includes taking a few seconds to drink a glass of water.

And, water is soooo important!

It does the following things: (and more)

  1. Prevents dehydration
  2. Helps your kidneys remove toxins from your body.
  3. Allows enzymes to work better.
  4. Helps your lymphnodes
  5. Transports nutrients where they need to go.
  6. Supports nerve function.
  7. Helps strengthen your muscles.

How much water should you drink?  Some research says 8 glasses, others say something like 1 cup for every 20lbs that you weigh.

I say just drink enough that you don’t have a feeling of thirst, and then drink some more! I don’t obsess over actual amount because it is different for everyone….

Active people who are sweating need more than those who are inactive….breastfeeding moms need extra….etc.

p.s: other liquids such as pop, coffee, commercial juices don’t carry the benefits that water does.  They instead can carry toxins that are added to your body- you then need more water to flush those out!

1While you are at it, don’t forget to drink from the Living Water too!


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