A Natural Quest For Health, Discovery 1: Pink Himalayian Sea Salt

When my 2nd child was struggling with eczema, I switched over my diet and his to the GAPS diet.  With this diet, we saw major improvement in his skin.  The GAPS diet recommends not using regular iodized table salt, but sea salt instead.

So, we switched to sea salt, not really questioning why.

With my 3rd child struggling from eczema, I researched more on salt.  I discovered that regular table salt has corn derivities in it.  Corn usually has mold.  This would explain an aggrevation in my boys when they have contact with corn or anything related.

We used sea salt, the white stuff.  Then, I discovered Pink Himalayian Sea Salt.  I discovered that the White Sea salt is stripped of its natural color.

What does the Pink Sea Salt do for us?  It gives us 84 minerals, including: iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and iodine.


Adding a pinch to your drinking water once a day will help to balance out your body’s ph level, allowing more toxins to flush out of your body easier.


It is used as a deodorant!  Commercial/conventional deodorants contain soooo many toxins and chemicals that are bad for your body.  With a Himalayian Salt Stick, your arm pits can be happy without chemicals. It also saves you money, because it costs only about $7 and lasts an entire year!


Another discovery in the Himalayian department is the salt lamp, which I do not have…. But is on my wish list. image The concept behind this is that when the salt is heated, it works to remove bad ions in the air.  Basically, it works to purify the environment.: much like the quiet air purifiers do. My plan is to eventually swap out all the night lights in my home and replace them with salt lamps.

Heres to healthy lifestyle changes!  Stay tuned for my next discovery/change.


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  1. Interesting stuff. I’m curious about these salt lamps because Leslie and I have talked about how we can purify the air in our home. I guess I have allergies and I have some asthma issues. This spring in Virginia was my worst year for breathing. We might check out the lamps.

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