minor blessings

We’ve been quite busy here at lightsupnorth so I thought I’d just give a brief update. Erin ran into a bit of a nasty bug. The good thing was that it didn’t last too terribly long, the bad thing is that it wiped her out completely. We walked about 15 minutes today and she was wiped out from it. ¬†So now that the bug is out of the system, we just need her to get back to full strength. We’re praying for the recovery to be as quick as the bug.

Jonathan’s skin has flared up the last couple of days. It’s not as bad as its been in the past, but it still pains us to see him ¬†flaring up.

One thing Erin and I have always stressed throughout our lives- whether to a youth group, coworkers, people at a bible study, etc.., is to be a blessing to people. Even what may seem small to you may be just the blessing someone else needs. We’ve had people give us as much as $1000 before just to bless us when we were in a tough spot, but not all blessings need to be huge or extravagant to be effective.

When I was returning from a trip I came across the mackinaw bridge where the toll is a simple $4.00. I paid for the guy behind me, which is something I usually do when I cross the bridge. While that may seem little, it’s one small way I use to try and make someone’s day just a little brighter. No, $4.00 isn’t going to make or break me, but it is going to encourage that person behind me. One time I had someone race up behind me when I stopped at the gas station just past the bridge and a they thanked me because they realized they had no cash or credit card on them- they didn’t have their toll money. What may seem like a small blessing, may in fact turn out to be just exactly what someone needs. Bless away.


Be blessed. Be a blessing.


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