Book Review: With My Eyes Wide Open

imageThe Book : With Eyes Wide Open by Brian Welch is a book that can reach many lost souls.  Brian, a former Korn musician writes in such a straight forward, down-to-earth tone that he connects well to the common, ordinary person.  I appreciate that he tells his story in a raw and real way, not trying to hide anything.


In in this book, Brian walks readers through a detailed experience concerning his daughter and the struggles they faced while trying to tackle life.  He writes the following which really ministered to me: “At that moment everything I had asked God to do for my daughter over the years seemed like empty, unanswered prayers.  I was so confused, but I had to make a serious choice.  Would I be so offended that I’d shrink away from God?  Or would I trust that he would answer all those prayers in his timing?  I chose to trust and wait patiently in my pain and confusion.”

I enjoyed reading this book because it reminded me how others go through hard times too, and God can turn those times around and use them for goodness.

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Blessings, Erin

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