What is Success?

What is success?

First I want to write what success ISN’T:

Success ISN’T climbing your way up a ladder in a career.

Success ISN’T having money.

Success ISN’T having a vehicle, a boat, a 4-wheeler.

Success ISN’T having kids.

Success ISN’T having your children grow up into good adults.


What is success in this life?

To me, success is being patient with yourself and others.

To me, success is continuing to have hope when all hope seems lost.

To me, success is loving people who appear in-loveable.  It is also loving who God made you.

To me, success is trusting in God with every little thing: where you will live, where your money will come from, your health, how He will provide.

To me, success is being generous with what blessings God has given to you.

To me, success is living your life with integrity and accountability.

To me, success is working to encourage others.

To me, success is acknowledging that you are real and that you have weaknesses; then, working through those weaknesses.

To me, success is holding your head high and pushing onward when life seems to be doing everything to knock you down.

To me, success is going to sleep at night knowing you tried your hardest, did the best you could, and trusted God with your day.


Blessings, Erin

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