“Too Busy For My Kids”

A couple months ago my Aunt sent me flowers.  When I called to thank her she explained that she wanted some coral colored flowers in the bouquet because coral was my Grandma’s favorite color.


I got to thinking about my Grandma every time I looked at those coral flowers.  Then I started remembering how cancer had started to deteriorate her body.  I was in the 6th grade at the time and tried all I could to wrap my mind around what was happening.  I tried to wrap my mind around life after death and where my Grandma would end up.

I remembered the many times that I would sit and cry, trying to understand.  I remember my Dad sitting with me and telling me about Heaven and the streets of gold that my Grandma would soon be walking.  He would sit with me for what seemed like hours each night and just be with me while I cried.

Now that I am a parent, I know all the things that can fill my time up, making me busy.  Looking back, it is amazing how my Dad, a working professional, found and took the time for me- the many hours where he would minister to me about what was happening to Grandma.

Many times I go through my day trying to race against time- trying to get as much done that needs to.  Many days I am racing around my kids, telling them to hurry, or to hold on and wait while I finish something.  Many days they are running after me, trying to keep up to me just to be able to tell me something.  Many days I am just “too busy” for my kids.

I have to not be too busy for my kids.  I have to remember what is really important.

One day while racing through the hallway, laundry in hand, trying to get it folded before my eczema baby would scratch, I heard my 3 year old following me, “mom, mom, mom!”  Inside I rolled my eyes, thinking to myself, “I don’t have the time for him to bug me.”  Instead I stopped to see what he wanted.

All he wanted was to say, “Mommy, I love you. That’s all.”

I could have missed that had I chosen to ignore him and continue in with my race to get chores done.

A few years ago I was racing to get the kitchen cleaned when my daughter was in the living room hiding behind a chair.  Her head peaked out and said, “Moooommmm.”

I wanted to keep cleaning but something in me said to stop and see what she wanted.  She wanted to tell me about her dream she had the night before – a amazing dream about Heaven and angels.

I could have missed all that had I been too busy for my kids.  She could have not wanted to share her dream with me for fear of taking up my time.

I cherish the “I love you”s and the sharing of dreams.

Take time for yourselves, but take time for your kids too.  Don’t be too busy for them.  They will remember it when they get older.

Blessings, Erin

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