We have all heard of the nesting robin.  Every spring you may see a robin working fiercely to  build her nest.  Then, the next thing you know you hear the chirping and little baby bird heads poking out.

This week I have been observing something that isn’t thought of much- the RESTING Robin.  It seems unusual, to actually see the robin, sitting in her nest, resting and keeping her eggs warm.

How often do WE rest?  Even in pregnancy it is a joke that when the mom goes all crazy, cleaning her home with a spurt of energy, that she is nesting.  Then, once the baby is born, many times the mom still doesn’t rest, and is cleaning and taking care of the house on top of taking care of the kids.

I have been trying to sneak a photo of the resting robin, but much like human moms, it seems that she doesn’t like anyone to see that she is resting.

God says rest is important. Take a break.  Take a time out.  Rest. And get restored.


Blessings, Erin


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