The 5 Kinds of People that Parents with Eczema-Covered Children Meet

There are 5 kinds of people that I have met on my adventures in infantile eczema land:

First there are THE OBVIOUS.

These people like to point out how the child looks.  They don’t know who you are, but they make it a point to come up to you and without introducing themselves say thing like, “What’s wrong with him? Does he have a bad sun burn?  Is that a reaction to something? Wow, look at him! Boy does he have a rash or what? Is he in pain?”

This category is met everywhere.  The library, the grocery store, Walmart, the street.

I like to put these people in the same category as the children you come across that like to point out the obvious.  From children I get comments like, “Haha look at his messy face.  Ahh! Look at HIM!!”

Usually the mommy looks.  Then tells her child to walk in the opposite direction, quickly scooting away.  She doesn’t say hi or smile or wave.

I’m sure these people would frown if I went up to them, didn’t introduce myself, and pointed out their big nose, or tiny ears, or bad breath.  You get the point.


Second, there are THE NORMALS.  

They don’t mention how the baby looks at all.   They may treat everything as normal. I love these people.  I see the eczema every day.  I like not being reminded every second about it.


Third you have THE AWKS. 

These are the ones that feel awkward unless they point out the elephant in the room.  They treat you as normal and with respect.  But, before they leave your presence they feel the need to say something like,”so, he has eczema eh?” Once they get that out everything is good. Oh hey look, there’s an elephant in the room!


Fourth you have THE ENCOURAGERS.  

These guys I love.  They point out the goodness.  “Wow, he has beautiful eyes!   or Look how strong he is!” They sit there and pray with you, with your child.


Fifth and last you have THE GAWKS.

These are the people that keep their distance but stare – mouths wide open.  They may point (mouth still wide open).




My dear child, is not a monster.  He is not in pain, but he is miserable because he is itchy.

He is strong.

He is handsome.

He will succeed in life.

He is loving.

He is me.

He is God’s.

You may meet many people on the street who will look different than you.

Maybe they are in wheelchairs, maybe they have one arm, maybe they are covered in burns.  Maybe they have one leg, or 3 fingers, or etc.

These people don’t need their ailment pointed out to them.

They don’t need to be gawked at.

They don’t need to be avoided.

They are God’s creation still.


They are the clay and He is the potter.  For we are all the work of His hand. Isaiah 64:8

Encourage.  Support.  Love.


Blessings, Erin

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