Praise Report: The Green After The Rain

Our family has been living in the rain lately. The rain that pours has been, pouring. We have been walking through various things that have been thrown on us.

Today our baby saw a pediatric cardiologist. The baby, amongst other eczema issues, has been having his feet turn purple, with leg mottling. We decided to get his heart looked at as a precautionary measure.

For the echocardiograph he had to be able to hold very still. This was something that is hard for a teenager to do, let alone an infant. The ultrasound tech seemed impatient with our moving child. She then stepped out of the room so I could calm our baby down.

I decided to put a Misty Edwards worship song on the phone and hold this by his ear. I chose the first song to pop up on the YouTube playlist.  She was singing the song, “Hallelujah”.  To my amazement our baby feel instantly right to sleep. He slept peacefully while the tech performed more than half of the test needed, “Hallelujah” playing next to him. The lyrics were fitting and prophetic for the report we would hear later.


My son knows who his Father in Heaven is.  God is the true baby whisperer.

As I held my 20 pound plus son in my arms raised up for the test I could feel God’s presence. Fear tried to creep into my mind as the test results could show something horrible. But, tears came to my eyes as my arms had a supernatural strength to them to be able to hold my son elevated at that degree without shaking for many many minutes. It was a supernatural miracle for him to be conked out to worship music while the tech smeared cold goo on his chest.

Misty sang:
“Up from the ashes Your love has brought us.
Out of the darkness into the light.
Lifting our sorrows
Bearing our burdens healing our hearts”


After the test the pediatric specialist explained to us that his heart is healthy and the signs displayed were actually signs of an extremely healthy heart- signs that people don’t usually display – supernatural signs of a supernaturally healthy heart. His nervous system works at such as uncommonly healthy way that it signals the vessels in his feet to constrict when cold to protect the body.

A weight of worry that we had been carrying for many months had been lifted off. We knew either way that God would take care of him, but  to have the specialist tell us to not worry helped confirm what we knew in our hearts- that his heart was indeed fine.

As I handed the receptionist the paper the doc gave us that stated we didn’t need a follow up, she smiled hugely. I know she was happy to see that not another child was diagnosed with something hugely scary.

Later today I drove to a friend’s house. The rained poured so hard that it was like a Upper Penninsula snow storm. It rained so hard I couldn’t see a thing and had to pull off the road for a bit. I had to take a break.

When I started driving again the windows were foggy. At an intersection I rolled the windows down to be able to see. The foggy windows were gone, the rain had let up, and the skies were beautiful. The rain made the trees and grass that much greener.

Sometimes in life the rain pours. You may not be able to see. You may have to pull off he road to take a breather.

God promises mercy. He promises green pastures. He promises a light yoke.

God may bring the rain to you, but eventually He will roll down the foggy windows, the rain will let up, and the green goodness will be seen. The weight will be lifted.

The important thing to remember when it is pouring is that even if you have to pull off the road to take a break, that after the break you get back on the road. You keep going. You keep driving. You keep trusting.

There will be goodness after the storm.


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  1. Erin, I love your family and your strength and strong faith. Keep posting as it is Sooo encouraging to others. Praying for complete healing and rest to your whole family. Praying for many more blessings to come your way. ???

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