Mother’s Day. ( it shouldn’t be a controversial topic, a sore subject for many).


There I sat in the waiting room, staring at the floor. I didn’t want to look up because I didn’t want to see the others.  The other women.  Their big bellies.

I had just lost my baby.  Miscarried.  My husband saw the little girl’s tiny body get put into a glass jar in the emergency room.

Now I had to have an appointment at an o.b office – where others whose wombs were full kept walking into the waiting room.  How cruel.

As I sat there, womb empty, it was all I could do to fight jealous feelings- mixed with feelings of anger and sadness.  Grief.




Mother’s Day is upon us.

Mother’s Day shouldn’t be a controversial topic, a sore subject for many, but somehow instead of it being a joyous occasion, Mother’s Day is sometimes dreaded: by those who are not moms as well as by those who are.

I read an article yesterday written by someone who wasn’t a mother.  She wrote how it hurts to go to church on Mothers Day because the pastor always has the mothers stand up. She feels left out.  It makes her feel more empty inside.

Those who are unable to have babies but yearn for them may have feelings of jealousy, anger, sadness, grief of Mothers Day.  Same for those who just lost a mom or never knew their mom, or didn’t have a good relationship with their mom.

But does that mean Mothers Day shouldn’t be celebrated?  Does that mean that because I am a mom, that I should feel awkward around those who may be bitter on Mothers Day?  That I shouldn’t be recognized?

I have a son whose has red, cracked, nasty looking skin on his face.  I will admit that at times I get jealous of those on Facebook who post photos of their clear skinned babies.  Does that mean they shouldn’t post photos?

I have a son who cannot eat birthday cake on birthdays.  Does that mean those who traditionally celebrate birthdays with cake shouldn’t have a cake?


Can we as a world just be happy for others, if they have what we have or don’t have?

Yes, feelings are real, but,

feelings can be controlled instead of letting them control us.

Lets be thankful regardless of what we have or don’t have.

Lets be happy for those who have babies, for those who don’t, for the clear skinned children, for the unclear.  For those who can eat cake, for those who can’t.

Lets celebrate Mothers Day, the same way we celebrate Christmas – without worrying about offending people because of a blessing God gave you.

Happy Mothers Day!



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