Makeup Mystery- Can You Bare Face Life?

I went to the Secretary of State’s office yesterday.  The two ladies in there to me looked like wax figurines in a museum.  Actually, they looked more fake than the figurines.

I don’t understand makeup.  I never have and I have a feeling I never will.  What I don’t understand about it is why women wear it.

I know the reasons.  I have heard many.

Some women use makeup to:

“look nice, hide wrinkles or other blemishes, feel pretty, hide bruises or other signs of abuse.”


What I have to say to that is:

Dear woman, teen, young girl:

God made you in His image and in His image you are beautiful.  If He wanted you lips rosier, He would have made them rosier.  If He wanted your eye lashes longer, He would have made them longer.

God loves you for who you are, He loves too how you look.  He thinks you are beautiful.  That should be all that matters.

Your wrinkles, your white hairs, your zits and blemishes: they display your beauty.  They tell a testimony of God’s love and power because they show your hard work and how He has got you through.

Maybe you are using makeup to cover up some kind of physical abuse.  Your bruises and scars make God sad, but they also show how He has pulled you through whatever situation you faced at that time – how your life was spared.

When you look in the mirror without makeup on, try to see yourself how your Maker sees you.  He smiles at every one of your bits of imperfection- for each bit makes up who you are, where you have been, what you have come through, and your strength of choosing to keep going.

Choose to let the world to see YOU- the real you, blemishes and all. Every time you show the world that you are not perfect, it encourages others.  It tells them it is ok for them to love who they are – that they don’t have to fake who they are.

Can you bareface life my fellow females?  Can you  show the world the true beauty that God gave you?



2 thoughts on “Makeup Mystery- Can You Bare Face Life?

  1. I don’t wear much makeup at all. But I must confess…..getting older is like watching your weary skin try SO HARD to act like it’s STILL doing just FINE and PEACHY, thank you very much… It’s so valiantly and faithfully been holding on, for a such loooong long time, that I guess it deserves to finally relax a little, eh? 🙂

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