“I don’t wanna be the farmer…”

Janet’s an old friend that was involved in New Kids on the Rock with me for a number of years. While there are many other kids I grew up with that were also involved, this post really only relates to Janet so she’s all we’ll mention. We did a summer tour one year and did the farmer skit. After a solid number of years (we won’t say how many to protect our old age creeping up on us), I’d be willing to bet that I could say any number of lines from the skit, and Janet would pick right up. I’m fairly confident we could get through the whole skit.

Oh sure, we may miss a line of two and our pre-dementia minds may need to pause to remember, but all in all, I’m confident we could still do it. Why is that? We spent lots of time rehearsing, reading through, practicing, and knowing the skit. We watched others do it and then did it ourselves. It was pretty much that way for everything we did within the group. We even put the end of the skit to a rap!

The skit was only a few minutes long, but took hours of preparation. All that time getting ready for such a short time actually doing it. It’s the same thing in sports if you think about it, all that time practicing, preparing, learning, developing a rapport with teammates for a short time in the spotlight so to say.

2 Timothy 4:2 says to “preach the word. be prepared in season and out of season” and Psalm 119:11 says to hide His word in your heart so we don’t sin against Him. Isn’t our Christian walk just like preparing for a skit or a game? We should spend hours of time studying, practicing, learning, and developing our relationship with Christ so that we truly are prepared in season and out.

Is your heart ready? If someone came up to you today, do you have the word of God hidden in your heart so that you’re prepared to answer them in truth? I love Joshua 1:8 which says to “keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night.” I know I’m not the best all the time at meditating on the Word of God day and night, but I do know that’s what God wants of us. Go home today, take some time alone and simply meditate on the Word of God. I’d even be willing to bet you’ll find it to be refreshing!


Be Blessed. Be a blessing.



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