Dear Future Son-In-Law:

Dear future son-in-law:

Tonight a prince showed up at the door, and it wasn’t you.  He came to take my daughter, my princess, to the ball, flowers in hand.  He wasn’t you, but her Daddy.


This prince has prayed for you since before the princess was born.  He started praying for you before he even was married.  He is still praying for you and will continue.

This prince has been praying that you will be raised in preparation to love and care for his little girl.  He is praying for your safety, for you to know God, and for God’s appointments in your life.

Tonight the princess’s Daddy takes her to the ball.  He treats her the same way he does every day: with respect, with integrity, with love, and with honor.  He knows he cannot protect her from everything bad in the world- but he knows and trusts the God who can.


The princess rested earlier today.  I didn’t tell her who her prince would be for this event.  Before resting she came out of her room in tears.  She was scared.  She didn’t want to be away from her family to go to a place she has never been before.  Usually this princess is brave.  Usually she is courageous and trusting that God will be with her wherever she goes.  Her tears just displayed she is human.  She can break.  She is not perfect.

Future son-in-law, I don’t expect you to be perfect either.  I don’t expect you to have a lot of money, or even what the world considers a “good” job.  What I expect is that you treat my princess with love, by honoring her and supporting her.


My princess knows who she is.  She is strong.  She is beautiful. She is herself.  She knows her God and His love.  She knows she is God’s princess.  She also knows she is not perfect- that only Jesus was.

Again, I don’t expect you to be perfect.  But, I pray that you love my daughter the best way you can, that you ask God or other elders for wisdom and advice when you need to, that you live each day trying your best.

What I ask most of all is that you put God first- ahead of my princess.  I ask that you put the most effort into your relationship with Him.  Then your relationship with my daughter will be guided.

Dear future son.  I love you and I am praying for you too.


your Mom (for in Christ we are family and there is no ‘in-laws’ in my book.)

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